Monday, February 28, 2011

Life Update and Other Fun Junk

So, I just realized that this blog has 9 followers. As epic as that is I won’t be satisfied until I have…OVER 9000! But all memes aside, I’m not sure who at least 4 of you followers are, and for that reason I must update you on who I am. Or more ominous and cool sounding, who I have become…

Most of you know that I am a junior writing major at Houghton College and also that I am engaged. You not all know that when not at school I now “live” in Bangor, Maine and that I am also now a double major in psychology. And with that brief summary I will jump to the present and where I currently am. Right now I am on break from Houghton and am in Bangor. The biggest thing on my radar this break is that Jenny (a.k.a my fiancé, a.k.a. long list of loving terms and compliments that will make you puke and hate me as you are reminded of just how alone you really are) will be returning from two months in India on Wednesday. Doesn’t she look awesome in her sari, henna, and surrounded by little India children? Dang, I love that chick.

It may make me pathetic, but two months without her has been really difficult. We had spent the last two summers apart, but that was before we were engaged. Now that we’re engaged I just feel that much more whiny at the thought of being separated. The good news is that she’s coming back on Wednesday and I didn’t start blogging until now so you won’t have to hear too much whining.

But as to my return to blogging. This feels good. This feels like going to the gym and working out or something. I kind of have to force it a little, but it feels great when I’m doing it, and even better when I’m done. Also, I’ve had a revelation. You how video killed the radio star? Well, Facebook statuses killed the blog star. That is to say, I lost my blogging mojo because of Facebook. Once upon a time I lived in an Eastern European country and was filled with angst and frustrations that I could only get out through writing on my blog. Now I live in Western New York and I am filled with angst, the difference is that now I get it out through posting cryptic Facebook statuses.

But what is more valuable, Facebook statuses or blog posts? I’m going to have to argue for blog posts here. Not only does blogging exercise my writing muscles and make a log of my life, it is also just more thoughtful and interesting than most Facebook statuses.

With that being said I think I’m done for the night. I’ve done my nightly writing workout and now I’m not sure what to write about. I mean, yeah I’ve been doing stuff, I just don’t feel like writing about it right now. As always comment if you’d like. I love human interaction. In fact, it makes living inside your computer feel less claustrophobic.

Until I write again,

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