Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's Been A Week. A Week Filled With Awesome!

Well, I haven't blogged about my internship, or life in general, for a week. I guess I'd better get on that! I think I'll go in chronological order, so prepare for a flashback. The screen is becoming wavy before your eyes...

Wave, wave, wave...It is Thursday, June 9th, 2011. In the morning Dr. Ward and I were supposed to be in the evaluation center doing intake interviews. First I had my computer training, which was really interesting, but all pretty simple. It was cool to learn how to look up patient charts on the computer and stuff like that. I won't be doing much of that anyway, but it's a good skill to know.

After I was done with the computer stuff I went up to the evaluation center to look for Dr. Ward. I knew that if she was in with a client I would have to go back to her office and wait, because I couldn't interrupt a client. Luckily, Dr. Ward's client had gone out for a break and would hopefully be back any minute. With the client's permission I would be allowed to sit in and hear the rest of the interview. Unfortunately, the client never came back. This allowed Dr. Ward and I to talk a little and just enjoy getting to know each other.

I eventually ended up being able to see two clients. This was a really exciting day as the intake interview goes over a lot. It goes over the psychiatric and psychological history of the patient as well as their general life history. The most difficult part of this for me was that both of the clients I saw were slightly younger than me, making this feel very close and personal.

The greatest part of watching the intake interviews was the end, when the psychiatrist would come in for a final brief interview. I got to see a different psychiatrist each time. One of them was especially caring and relational with the client. When trying to schedule a follow up this psychiatrist said, "No, that date is too far away! I want to see him in 10 days or less." He also leaned forward joked with the client, assuring the client that he was not "nuts" or crazy. It was really cool to see. The other psychiatrist was great too, trying to convince his client to participate in some sort of counseling, pointing out that therapy paired with medication is the best way to defeat substance dependency.

One of my favorite parts of last Thursday was that I got to be helpful! I let one of the clients use the calender on my phone, spoke to the administrative assistant for Dr. Ward, and I made copies for Dr. Ward!

That was the end of psychology for me that week and I got to spend that Saturday with my family in Portland celebrating my cousin Jaan's first birthday. Jenny came too and I still am shocked every time I see her with my family. Not only does she got along with them great, but she also doesn't want to leave me! Woohoo! So, that's cool. Then I spent Saturday night and Sunday at Jenny's house, going to her church and playing Perfect Dark and Super Smash Bros. with her and her brother, Jon. It was pretty awesome. I still rock at Perfect Dark, but I have totally lost what skill I had at Super Smash Bros.

Then the beginning of this week my family was out of town so I had the house to myself and I really enjoyed it. I really like living alone. If I could afford it I wouldn't have a roommate at college. I just love being able to completely separate myself and not have to think about anybody else for a while. "Why are you getting married, then?" you might ask. Well, because I do like spending time with Jenny alone and we both understand how to give each other space. Basically, she rocks.

Anyway, I said I was doing this chronologically, but...well...I'm tired. I have to be at Acadia at 8:25 tomorrow and I want to spend some time doing something wasteful and mind emptying like video games or watching 24 with a loaded Nerf gun for when I get angry at the bad guys. I also want to spend some time reading the Bible. So for any chance to be able to do either one of those I really need to stop writing now. Hopefully I can write more about this past week tomorrow and Friday and eventually catch up. I also would really like to write about this past Thursday, when my attempt at romance turned into a dash into a torrential rain and Jenny almost losing a flip-flop in the flooded streets. Or Friday, when Jenny and I had engagement photos taken. Ugh, so much to write, so little time...

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the psychology cat at the beginning of this post. I know I did! Now, to Bibliosity, wastosity, and bed!

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