Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I've found out what i want to be in life!!

I've told you before that i want to be a ninja. I've told you before that i want to fly off into space to fight the Covenent. But now i've found my true vocation in life. My true calling. What i was really meant to do! I will be a vampire hunter!! I watched Van Helsing the other day with my uncle and i absolutely loved it! And so now i will be a vampire hunter. It'll be great, lots of travel, meeting lots of great people, especially the gorgeous damsels in distress that always seem to be hanging around vampires. So, just like Van Helsing i will work as a servent of the church, hunting down and driving grade A Angus beef steaks through their hearts!!! I mean what job could be better?! The only job where i could spend more time around steaks would be as a chef, and if i was a chef i wouldn't get to kill anything. So now you know, i am now an official vampire hunter. So if you see any vampires, who you gonna call? Vampire busters! (1-800-kill-vampires-with-steaks)

anyway, There's something else i want to tell you about too. Somthing funny, something mind bogglingly hilarious! The other day i was wearing my "Revolution" T-shirt that has a picture of Jesus on it from the front cover of Captain Stephen Court's book "Revolution" (You know what i mean right? The clever thing where they turn around the evol to make love? So clever...) and i went to see some of my cousins. And when i saw my cousin Taylor she looked down at my shirt, saw the picture of Jesus and said "OH MY GOD!! IS THAT BOB MARLEY?!?!" i sighed deeply and sadly, looked her straight in the face and said "No Taylor...That's Jesus..." Isn't that interesting? That's pop culture for you. "We're more popular than Jesus..." it reminds me of this funny story i keep hearing. These two girls are in a shop looking at cross necklaces to buy. Not, of course, because they are Christians, but because they want some cool "bling". So they're looking at the crosses and one of them picks one of and says "Oooh, this one has a little man on it!" that's so sad...But seriously, let's look at the pictures, they're not even that similiar! Here they are side by side. In case you can't tell, that's Jesus on the left and Bob Marley on
the right...Or maybe it's the other way, i won't even joke about that. You'd have to be an idiot to think that. Thank God my cousin doesn't read this...


Anyway, that's it for now, i must be off now. I believe Bob Marley's undead vampire corpse has quit sucking ganja and started sucking blood, so i better go get some steaks! Cya!


Matt said...

If you think Van Helsing and vampire hunting is cool, you absolutely need to play Castlevania.

About that CD cover, you didn't even mention the really sad part: I'm pretty sure the picture is supposed to be a parody of Che Guevara, not Bob Marley. Our culture is very sad when people can't tell the difference between Bob Marley, Che Guevara, and Jesus.

Anonymous said...

chris chris chris... :D if you like to travel, maybe you should think something job where you have to travel a lot, like hocky players, formula 1 drivers and athletes do! :D

i saw a tv program, where one guy showed pictures to children, and they didn't recognize Jesus! and that program came from... AMERICA!


Kapten Clark said...

Of course Matt's right, it was the whole "revolution" angle!!