Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A not so modest proposal...

Kerli Kõiv, ma armastan sind. Ma tean kus on Eestimaa. Ma elan siin. Sina oled täitsa lahe tibu. Tahab abieluks saada? Ma saan ole sinu mees kui sina oled mu naine. Kas oled nõus? Palun saada mulle Email:chrisjohnclark@juno.com, või räägime MSN'is:kurisu_dude@yahoo.com. Või lihtsalt kirjuta mulle üks vääke komment siin bloggis. Ma palun sind! ;-P KSV, armastan sind kallis. Räägime hiljem!

Sorry English speakers. I just had to take a second to propose to Kerli. She should be writing to me soon telling me how much she loves me, and then we'll get married. I'll be like, "Teeme lapse...vanker" and she'll be like, "Lähme voodi...Taha peitu" and then I'll be all like, "Ma armastan sind...kividega loppida". It'll be so romantic. Sorry again for those of you who are not Estonian, but this just needs to be written. Anyway, yes, I know I have better things to blog about. In fact I owe someone a blog post. And then there's that other post I've been wanting to write. And then...I'm lazy! Sorry. Well, the last few nights i've been too busy, uh, sleeping to blog. But I will give this post some unrivaled time to sit and then post some new stuff tomorrow.

Anyway, I'm sure all of my many screaming female fans are all dying to know who Kerli is. Well, go check her out at http://www.myspace.com/kerlimusic, or www.kerlimusic.com. She's the new famous person I want to marry. Forget Amy Lee. Forget Hayley Williams. It's Kerli! Yeah, I know. It'll never work out. Me, the dark and insane American Christian, end up with the blond, kinda Gothy Estonian singer? Whatever. A guy can hope, right? I say that about every girl. Well, I'm off now. I'm going to visit junior soldier camp with the mission team tomorrow. That should be fun. But now I'm tired, good night!

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Priit said...

Your writing is so horrible in Estonian , so I suppose you wrote that so awfully on purpose.
And what if I say that you can't get older girl when Youu are still so young.
Amy Lee is married and 26 years old!
Kerli Kõiv isn't married and 21 years old!
You are 18 and I wonder how are the chances for you with them...
( Don't be Sad' , at least you can see them both in USa !-)