Friday, March 20, 2009

Allow me to introduce Jenny

My hair is dripping wet. My hoody and fleece are both soaked through. My holey sneakers are wet and covered in mud, my socks drenched. But I am extraordinarily happy. Why? Jenny. I haven’t blogged in forever, but if I had then I probably would have mentioned Jenny many times. I think I did mention her a few times, and I think she mentioned that she’s my girlfriend, but have I told you about her? No, not at all. It’s time for me to remedy that. I just got back from a walk with Jenny and so I’m in a rather romantic mood, and since a lot of my best writing is done when I’m in a romantic mood and I have free time I am totally going to write, and it will be me being hopelessly romantic. I haven’t written on my blog in far too long. First I’ll tell you the basics. Jenny is from Maine (the way life should be) and is an Intercultural Studies major here at Houghton. I think she should get extra credit for her major by dating me, seeing as how I’m all intercultural and whatever. Jenny is kind, caring and a lot of fun. She’s pretty much the most fantastic person I know. She’s also extremely beautiful, as you can see from the creepy stalker collage I made with my crappy MS paint skills. I couldn’t decide on any one picture to show, so I decided I’d show several. She’s probably going to hate me for this.

Well, now that I’ve covered the basics and given you some of my favorite pictures of her (my mom’s favorite is the one in the bottom far right) I can get to some of the romantic stuff. Let me tell you why she’s special to me. I’ll go through a few of the reasons which I picked out from the many. Jenny is wonderful because she:
1. Convinces me that the past doesn’t matter
2. Reminds me to trust God in everything
3. Reminds me to read my Bible
4. Is the reason I look up
5. Reminds me to be spontaneous and enjoy life
Allow me to explain each of these a little more in depth. Let’s start, as most things normally do, with number 1. I trust Jenny completely, and we’ve talked a lot. I have a lot of phantoms from my past that have irked me for a long time. But Jenny shows me complete grace. The past doesn’t matter to her, and she makes sure I remember that it doesn’t matter to God either. She forgives me and helps me know that I’ve been forgiven. Now on to 2. I once said to her, “Jenny, I’m a writing major and I want to be a missionary, I’m going to be dirt poor, are you sure you want to be with me?” Her answer surprised me a lot. “God will provide.” Jenny helps me to remember that I need to trust God for everything. She reminds me that my strength comes from God, and that I need to completely trust in him for everything. Number 3 is connected to this. I’m really bad at keeping up regular Bible reading and devotions, but Jenny always asks me if I’ve read my Bible lately. She really cares about my relationship with God. I really need to explain number 4 or you would have no idea what I’m talking about. Jenny appreciates natural beauty quite a bit, and she loves to look at the sky. If it’s a beautiful starry night sometimes she’ll just stop walking and stare. I never look up normally, I never appreciate the stars or the clouds or the beauty of the sky, but when Jenny looks up I do too and I see the beauty I’d normally ignore. Number 5 is kind of related to number 4. Being here at college it’s easy to get absorbed into FaceBook and schoolwork and not look at the sky or be spontaneous or enjoy life too much at all. But Jenny and I always do really fun spontaneous things, like the walk in the rain I just got back from. Once Jenny and I were so excited that the weather was warming up that we went for a walk in t-shirts and then laid down in the snow to look at the stars. Cold, but amazingly spontaneous and fun.

So, anyway that’s my little tribute to Jenny. I haven’t blogged in far too long, and I’ve never really blogged about Jenny, so there you go. I hope I can start blogging more, but you probably shouldn’t count on it. Anyway, I’m must be off to bed now, goodnight!


Gatz said...

lo aweee, so cute, where is my tribute O_O lol

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you found Jenny. I'll keep praying for you and now Jenny.

Maret said...
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LtMaverickN42 said...

I agree. Jenny is a cool person. By the way, your photo-editing skills suck. The cyan background hurts my eyes.