Friday, May 02, 2008

Long hair?

Because I'm so weird I always like to blog about my choices in facial hair, and now that I'm considering growing my hair out long I thought I'd share that too. Because I'm such a freak I'd like to grow my hair out long. Here are 3 pictures of men I greatly respect and would love to be just like...kinda. We've got Itachi on the left there, very, very evil. And effeminate. Evil, yet girly. I'd look cool like that. That's probably what I'd end up looking like with my dark straight hair if I grew it out. Then upper right we have Zero! The coolest video game character ever! I mean who else can wield a Z-Sbaer with cutting off hair longer than him! And who can have such girly hair and still seem so masculine? So if I had orange hair and was a reploid than I'd want to be like Zero. But, as a human, I believe I'd like to look like Toumas upper left there from NightWish. See, I could look very cool like that. Let's see how things work out. Anyway, I'm off to PiibliPäevad now. Tsau!


Kapten Clark said...

The guy on this video (on the LEFT) at these times
has wicked cool long hair!
"Watch presentation video"

So I'm not totally against long hair in and of itself!

But it would NOT look good on you! So listen to your mother and GET A HAIRCUT!

Or you'll look like a dorky, floppy-haired teenager! ;-)


But I'll still love you no matter what!!

Kapten Clark said...

He is also at 7:20-7:53.


Gatz said...