Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wait a minute! What? Best what?! You mean me?

Have you ever had a moment when somebody says to you “You should sit down, I need to tell you something” and then they tell you whatever it is and you go “Well, that’s no shock! What’d you make me sit down for jerk!”? I have. Though I normally don’t call the person a jerk, I just pretend to faint so they feel good for making me sit. But anyway, the other day I was chatting on MSN with my friend Michael and he asked if I was sitting down and wouldn’t fall over. I braced myself for something along the lines of “In the new HoMMV expansion, you won’t believe this, but there’s…there’s, I can barely bring myself to say it! THERE’S ORCS! IT’S SOOOO COOL!!!” And then I’d be like, yeah man, I know, why’d you make me sit down? But instead I got a real shock. For the first time in my life I was actually glad I was sitting down when the person said I should! Michael, originally of Holland, now of Estonia, who is getting Married to Kristi, older sister of Keit, asked me to be his best man at the wedding. WOW!!! I was like….?????? WHAT? I’m 18, what do I know about being a best man? Most people wouldn’t even call me a man yet, and now you want to call me best?! WOW! This is the type of thing that catches me by surprise. Insults and criticism I expect fairly often, but an honor like this…I’m still a little bit in shock actually.

So I’m pretty excited. I mean, I was already pretty psyched about Michael and Kristi getting married. I’ve known Kristi ever since I moved to Estonia, and I’ve known Michael…5 months? But now that I’m the best man I’m even MORE excited! And according to WikiPedia that means I need to organize a stag party with tons of strippers that we’ll make sure Kristi never hears about, and also I need to be at the wedding heavily armed and ready to kill just in case someone tries to kidnap the bride. Lucky for me Michael doesn’t want to have a stag party, because we both agree that spending a night with strippers is not the best way to start married life. And as far as coming armed? Well, I may actually need to do that. On WikiPedia it says it’s a tradition in some European countries for someone to try to kidnap the bride, and it’s the job of the groom and his best man to defend her and get her back if they fail at defense. When I read that I thought, “Yeah, maybe people do that in some backwards countries like…Britain or…Turkey or something. But never in Estonia! Estonians are CIVILIZED people! Seems I was wrong. I’m definitely going to be keeping an eye on Kristi. Her getting kidnapped would suck! But other than that I have the other basic roles of the best man. I’m not 100% sure what those roles are, but I do know that if I make taking care of the groom and making sure the wedding goes off without a hitch (Other than Michael and Kristi getting hitched, of course! ;-P) then I probably can’t go far wrong.

Thankfully I didn’t have time to fret and worry about being a best man because a few hours after he asked me I met him and in my capacity as best man helped him pick out a suit. I won’t tell you about it in case he wants it to be a surprise for some of my readers, but I can tell you he looked awesome. And it was quite a fun time too. Take two guys who are probably most comfortable behind a computer and who don’t worry about clothes much as long as those clothes are black, then put them in a nice store full of fancy clothes and watch them go. It was great. Though the metamorphosis from “Casual Michael” to “Fit for a wedding Michael” is shocking, it’s also pretty cool to see. This wedding’s going to be awesome! I’m pretty happy that they’re having the wedding right at the beginning of August, making it one of the last things I do before leaving Estonia. That way I’ll leave with tons of happy memories, even more than I already would!

Anyway, now I need to get on to the obligatory “Best” jokes. Best because I’m the best man. THE BEST, YOU HEAR ME?! I know you’ve all been thinking it for a long time, so it’s about time someone admitted it! I’m THE best man. I’m just the best. Though I worry that Michael may regret picking me. I assume you noticed that nice picture I put up? I’m THE BEST! ROCK ON! That’s a bottle of Limonaad by the way. So, as the best man I get to strut around saying, “You think you’re good, huh? Well you know what, it’s been decided already, I’m THE BEST MAN! Muhahaha!” Best>Good. Good
Anyway, now I’m tired. Once again I still have more to blog about. Like the weather, Helen, my future laptop, Helen, my most recent thoughts on love, Helen, the books I’ve been reading, and did I mention Helen? Yes Helen, I’m going to blog about you. Does that shock you? Good! By the way, my MSN is kurisu_dude@yahoo.com. Add me if you’d like. But until next time, when I’ll blog about many interesting things, farewell! I’m the best!


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