Thursday, November 01, 2007


Well yesterday was Halloween (and also my cousin Bethany's birthday, but i'll spare her the embarrassment of me writing out a whole bi "Happy birthday" post) and it was pretty fun. I went trick or treating (because that's a verb) with my cousins, Bryan (i always spell it wrong), Jennifer and Bethany. It was fun, Bryan was a biker (seen the movie "wild hogs"?), Jen was a man(most disturbing thing ever with that beard...) and Bethany was from the '50s. All very unique costumes. And what was i you ask? I was a chaperone. Not the most exciting costume, really, at 17 being 6 foot and sporting a beard it was decided that no matter what i wore people would think i was just out to steal candy and smash pumpkins. Which wasn't true, i wouldn't be stealing anymore than my cousins were, even if they were all much cuter and younger. It wasn't really fair, but i got a tax at the end. I think everyone gave me at least one piece of candy at the end. And i got lasagna! So it was worth it. It was very exciting. But now that i'm getting a lot of comments (i guess i have to do something extreme to get comments, such as be all hateful towards my "homeland". But as long as it gets me comments...) i need to answer some of them. But i hope you guys liked that song i posted, that's one of my old favorites. I love Calibretto 13. Punk is dead...

But anyway, now to answer some of your more wonderful comments. Erica asked me why, if i don't like America so much, did i come here for furlough? Well, all sarcasm aside, i love when people point out the obvious. Because that does seem like the obvious. Well but the answer is really four answers. 1. I have an American passport, where else could i go? Iraq? 2. This is "homeland" furlough. And America is my "homeland" according to all official documents. 3. I have to follow my parents. They go to America, i go to America. Once i turn 18 i'll go somewhere cool. Like Egypt. Or Greece. 4. The most important reason, and the reason that will bind me to America for all eternity, this country is where pretty much my whole extended family makes it's home. And since so far only the people who live out of America have visited/plan to visit me i have to go visit everyone else. If i could have gone anywhere on Earth and also been able to visit my family i would not go to America. I think if i had to pick the top 3 places i would want to go i would say Japan, Egypt and Greece. I love Rome too. Good ice cream. But i've already been there. And now too answer my friend Anneli's comment. Yes, i'm sure you would rather be in America than in school. But being homeschooled i'm in both. I bring my school with me. I've been reading and doing math since i got here. Not my idea of a vacation. But as my parents would point out, this is their vacation, not mine. My vacation comes in January when i go to youth councils. And i have the SAT on Saturday....I would rather be anywhere, on Earth or off it, doing anything but the SAT. AGAIN! I better get a better math score this time or all my work will be down the drain...But i'm pretty sure i'll get a better score. And i am going to miss the first snow...when it's pure and white. By the time i get there it will be grayand depressing. Yuck.

Anyway, I still have FaceBook and my blog. That's some thing that hopefully will never change no matter where i go. One thing i'm looking forward to is visiting colleges. Because though these colleges are in America, i'm hoping to find something that will make them...well, not un-American, but just a better fit for me than most of America is. But anyway, i gotta go now. Hope i can find something nice to blog about later! Cya!


Anonymous said...

I wonder how nice estonia can be, if it makes you so hateful and critical. pride and judgement by what you see with your eyes. fat officers? i am offended. why do you think so much better than others because of outer apearance? don't you know that the U.S. Salvation Army of fat officers and soldiers financed the army in estonia's begining? We finance a lot for it to continue?. our fat pay checks, and selfish people sent your parents over there? not nice chris. not nice at all.

Kapten Clark said...

I think it was actually the Finland Territory who financed, and continues to finance, the work in Estonia.

But we do receive a lot of help from the U.S. and we DO appreciate it!

Try to remember that Chris is dealing with "reverse culture shock" which is hard on all of us (but especially me and him for some reason -- we are also the two who speak the most Estonian, so maybe that has something to do with it?).