Thursday, November 01, 2007

Lice sucks!

Get it, life sucks, and so do lice. Why am i talking about lice? I hate lice. And guess who's head they're living on. Not my own. If I had lice than this would be much more panicky, andi would be dishing out piles of insults to all lice everywhere. No, lice have taken up residence on my little brother Peter's head. The little jerks. I think we should just shave him bald and then get a flame thrower wielding psycho to burn up his hair. Then those lice would pay. But for now it looks like shampoo is what we're gonna do. Though i've heard that mayonaise works too. But anyway, please pray for me and my family and especially Peter as we battle lice and put them to death one by one and laugh at their fate. I don't like lice. And i don't want them for myself. They're some of the grossest things i can think of to have living in your hair. Maggots might be worse. But lice is pretty bad. And i really don't want any. So anyway, now i'm off to make a Christmas wishlist to send to everyone, because though Christmas may seem far off, when Christmas seems near i will be far off. So i make a list now. I now that top of the list will be the Skillet and Thousand Foot Krutch Cds...But anyway, now i must go. Cya!


Anonymous said...

oh no! poor Peter! :o you all have to check your heads, for be sure that none else has any lice(if you haven't done it already..)! i'll pray for you guys....! :]


Anneli said...

geezee....talking about a major lice siuation..:D