Saturday, April 26, 2008

“Why haven’t you blogged Chris? I love it when you blog! When you don’t blog I cry! And it’s really sad. And I miss your sexy writing SOOO much!"

That’s what everyone’s been saying, so I thought I should probably blog to keep you all from going insane. Why haven’t I blogged in over a week? Well, my cousins Jennifer and Bryan were here, and Bryan was staying in my room. I normally blog between 9 and 10 P.M. in my room with the lights low and some cool mood music playing. At the moment I’ve got some Black Eyed Peas playing because I’m in such a rockin’ mood. But anyway, I was busy every night except for one night when I sat down to blog and realized that after writing 3 pages I had only covered the first day and a half of my cousins visit. And despite the fact that this is a chronicle I don’t want have the time or the energy to chronicle all that. I’d been planning to write everything so that my aunt would know how much fun her kids had, but I just can’t do it. So anyway, I’ll just give you the shortened version. Cousins came, we had fun, they left. There. All done! Naw, not that short! Okay, let me flesh that out. Cousins came, we had LOTS of fun, they left. See? Now I can go take a shower. No, not yet. My laptop will have to live with the stench for a bit longer.

Well, I really do need to abridge this, but I may or may not write a better version later. On Friday my cousins came and stayed until Thursday morning. I gave them the best tour of Tallinn it’s possible to give, they saw Laulev Revolutsioon (The Singing Revolution), and they came to the corps. We also went to Loksa, Rakvere, Narva and Tartu (In that order). So they really got the best tour of Estonia possible without living here for 4 years. They saw things I hadn’t seen until I went with them. Lucky, lucky, they so lucky! Sorry, I just switched from B.E.P. to Franz Ferdinand. So they had a very good visit, and I was very happy to see them. We had loads of fun. And I really do need to blog about everything that happened. There was some really funny stuff. Like me mixing up Onions and Russians, which is understandable because they both make you cry, just like ogres! Bad racist joke. Bad Chris, bad. Don’t be such a nationalistic patriotic Estonian! Whatever.
Anyway, only one person actually said they miss my blog, and they didn’t say it in the words I used in the title of this post. Though I know she meant it. But anyway, my parent’s are off partying in Finland which leaves me home to party. Which is great for me, I can do FaceBook, YouTube, MSN and all that good stuff! But yesterday was Methodist church Youth Group and I knew that if I didn’t do something I would spend Saturday alone and bored. So I rounded up my homeys, or peeps, or whatever you call your friends these days, and did the diabolical role call. I left out Maximilian Pegasus because he creeps me out, but Michael, Kristi, Keit, Anneli, Evelin and I all agreed we should do something together on Saturday. Something fun, something cool. Something just plain great! So once I finish this blog post I’m going to take a shower and beautify myself and then head over to Michael and Kristi’s with a bag full of games and fun stuff. And I’m bringing brownies too! I just rock! It’s going to be fun. I just hope Anneli and Evelin aren’t too lazy to wake up! Anyway, now I’m gonna get going. I hope you’re happy Keit, I know you missed my blogging, and I will do my best to keep it up! Cya!


alberta said...

um btw! i have no life! so i check you blog every day! and if you read your moms blog you can get a more detailed recap of jen and bryans visit, theres pictures! pictures make it so muhc easier to focus! ur hilarious!i on the other hand am excited for the summer, to hear you ramble on like this in person! your comical!

Anneli said...

i practically never read ur blogs..theyr too long :D