Saturday, June 21, 2008

Best. Laptop. EVER!

Remember how I was feeling BURNING HATRED for my ugly piece of dysfunctional laptop thingy? Well, I'm over that now. I can move on. I'm on to bigger and better things. And better and cooler laptops! You see that B-E-A-utiful laptop? That's the Lenovo ThinkPad R61. That's the little jumble of wonders that I'm going to get when I get to Houghton. SWEET!! Take that, other laptop! And by the way, Matt, even you could not fix this. The problem is hardware, not software, we need to replace the thingy where the thingy connects to the thingy. Becuase the thingy is broken. (The power plug is broken, inside the laptop itself, and it would be a waste to hunt down the replcement part for such an old laptop)And anyway, even without all those embarrasing thingy problems, it doesn't matter! I'm getting a new laptop anyway! A beautiful, wonderful, Lenovo ThinkPad R61! Awesome!

I'm actually writing this blog post in response to a request, so allow me to give those of you with more knowledge about computers than me all the cool info. This laptop comes with...

Core Duo T7500 (2.2 GHz) Processor
14” WXGA+ Screen
1 Gig RAM
120 GB Hard Drive (5400 RPM)
Multi-burner drive (CDRW/DVDRW)
56K Modem/Gigabit Ethernet a/b/g Wireless
4 in 1 media card reader
Integrated camera
Carrying Case

I know very little about computers. So all that means to me is...oohh, shiny! And a camera! Sweet! And depending on what the carrying case is like I probably won't use it. I've already been planning on been a really cool messenger bag at Houghton. All I care about is whether I have internet (56K Modem/Gigabit Ethernet a/b/g Wireless), lots of memory (120 GB Hard Drive (5400 RPM)), and can play all my games (I don't know anything about computers, what should I put here??!?!). Despite the fact that half of that is gibberish to me I'm still very satisfied with this laptop. Why? 2 reasons. First, it comes with a built in webcam! It's Skype time! And secondly, it's black! What more do I need in life than a black laptop? Nothing! And also I'm pretty sure that now everybody who knows computers better than me (all of you reading this) will comment something about the pros or cons of this particular laptop. Please let me know what you think! I just can't wait to get it.

So, it's almost scary to realize it but two months from today I'll be blogging from America, maybe on that laptop, maybe not. Either way, I'll be in America. Freaky. I'm going to miss Estonia. I'm going to miss my friends. I'm going to miss old town. I'm going to miss EVERYTHING! Something really funny happened the other day. On Sunday I gave my testimony about how in Luke when Jesus said, "Follow me" the disciples left everything to follow. Home, friends, old town, EVERYTHING! And I found it especially funny when Jesus called Peter and all the fisher dudes. Let me recreate the story in my own crazy way. Peter to his friend, "Dude, like, we totally didn't catch anything all night. That totally sucks, 'cause I need money, and so I need to sell some fish. This is like so totally bogus, man!" Then Jesus walks by, "Yo fisher dude, did I hear you didn't catch anything? Sucks to be you man. Hey, wait a minute. Go back out and throw your net on, like, the other side of the boat. Yeah, that side, bro." Peter and co. go out, and Peter says, "Dude, there's like fish everywhere! I wonder who, like, that dude is who told us to throw our nets on, like, this side. He's totally rightous, man! We're practically sinking our boats, there so full of fish!" Then they come back to shore, boats full of fish, and Jesus says, "Yo fisher-homies, follow me, and be fishers of dudes!" And then the disciples left everything and followed him. EVERYTHING! What happened to those big stinking piles of fish? Left everything. Even the stinking piles of fish.

Wow, cool story. So anyway, I was talking about how, just like the disciples left everything to follow Jesus, I'm also leaving everything to follow Jesus. And just like it wasn't easy for them, it isn't easy for me. Then after the meeting, Tiit, one of the older, and slightly more eccentric, men in our corps came to me and said, "Chris! While you were giving your testimony God spoke to me!" "Great!" I said, "What did he say?" Tiit looked me straight in the eye, and with a dead serious look on his face declared, "God told me that you mustn't leave Estonia! We need good Christian young men like you!" Well, first of all I was flattered, then a little dissapointed. If anyone other than Tiit had been the one to say this, I might give it more credibility. So I spent the next ten minutes explaining my reasons for leaving, and in the end he agreed that, yes, it would be best for me to go. But I must come back as often as possible. And he didn't mension God's message after that, so...Yeah. Anyway, I'm done blogging for now. I hope you, like, totally enjoyed my retelling of Luke, dudes and dudettes! I must be off now. Tell me what you think of my awesome new laptop to be! Now I must go! I'm off to play some old school N64 with my friends! Party! Cya


lux said...

yo bro, i loved your retelling of Jesus calling the disciples.
I am excited for you going to houghton... and your new laptop.
In 2 months i'll be in Vancouver... so close... but not close enough for me to visit :(
would love to hang out with ya again... it will happen eventually.
Abundant blessings.

Gatz said...


Thanx for the comment...

Ur dood will never beat my indian chick
and i wont be able to protect u this not going with u guys to v├Áru...
Nobody luvs me...:P

Matt said...

Yeah, I'm commenting like a month late.

Anyway, you forgot to mention the graphics card, which (according to the specs on this model) is a pretty good one. And that's a pretty fast processor, and since it's dual core it will be good at multitasking.

That being said, Windows Vista is a terrible, terrible operating system. You're better off deleting it and installing Windows XP instead, although it might be hard to get a copy of XP to install, since it's pretty expensive. If you must use vista, you should at least save up to buy another GB of laptop memory, since vista will hog that 1 GB.