Monday, June 16, 2008

Fear? Apprehension? Dark foreboding of things to come?

I found this picture by doing a google picture search for "Foreboding". I think this picture represents my feelings well. Dark clouds coming. I don't know completely why, but I have unnamed irrational fears clawing at my soul. Tomorrow I graduate. Tomorrow the mission team comes. Tomorrow I think my life will speed up immeasurably, and I don't know when it will slow down. When I get to college? Maybe. But I don't want it to. This is my last time in Estonia, and I want to enjoy every second of it. I scared of going to college. I'm worried about how this summer will go with the stress of the mission team here and it being my last summer. I have so much, I feel overwhelmed. But sitting her whining about my fears will get me nowhere. I have one option, and one option only. Put on Bond's, "Explosive" and jump in! Life awaits, and no matter how much I may fear the future, I know that I will conquer it. I'm standing on a strong, secure, familiar cliff above an unknown sea of possible futures. And I'm gonna jump! Cya!

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