Thursday, March 29, 2007


"OH YEAH!!!" Is what i yelled earlier today as i tore the wrapper off my Breakaway magazine and freaked out over the picture of Relient K on the cover. And if that weren't good enough i opened it up and found out that they have a new CD!!! I'm using a lot of exclamation points in this post!!!!!!!!! Relient K, one of my all time, and oldest, favorite bands, has a new CD! I've been making a mental hit list of things to do in America. You know, eat reeses, drink root beer, throw my mash pataters up against the wall...all that. But now i have a new top to my hit list. I must get Relient K's new CD! I will hunt it down and use my wallet to capture it! MUHAHAHAHA Relient k's new CD and all it's amazing coolness shall be mine! ALL MINE!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! Yes i'm going a little insane but i'm excited! I mean ever since all four of my Relient K CDs oh so long ago i haven't actually physically owned a copy of a Relient K, just the copies that i (thank God) had made. But now will be my chance to rebuild my awesome CD collection! I must have it! I can't wait. I've been listening to the four songs on their site ( and they sound so cool! Especially "Forgiven". I have a feeling that there's someone i'd like to hear this song....But i don't have the CD yet! It's about two months until the dreaded trip stateside. But now there's a reason for it not to be dreaded. If nothing else gatting the Relient K CD will make this whole annoying trip have a point. I can't wait! I love Relient K. I'm so glad that they have a new CD. They've really been blessing me lately, because now that i'm older and way more mature than i ever wanted to be (which doesn't mean i actually am mature) their deeper songs have gained so much new meaning. And their fun songs are still so much fun! But i'm getting tired, so i must retreat to my chambers and snuggle with my MP3 player, the most beautiful lover ever to grace my bed ( ;-) As if there's been many/any....) Good night!


Meg said...

and guess what... I HAVE IT!!!!!!!!

awesome. totally totally awesome.


and the wedding is May 24 of next year.. at Montgomery Bell State Park, TN. so excited!

i go to alaska in five weeks!

lux said...

when you going to the states? and how long for?

Robyn Bosse. said...

And guess who's seeing them in concert April 19th.

Oh. I'm such a mean person for saying that.

Love Robyn

ps. Miss you lots and add my new email address to msn