Sunday, March 25, 2007

New YouTube vids!

I am proud to anounce that i have more stupid and/or pointless videos up on YouTube! I was out today with my partners in crime, Anneli and Evelin, and we made some awesome videos! We have Estonia street fighters along with the Estonian substitute for the ball...the soda bottle. All very exciting, and stupid, but in a funny way. But if you're not into Estonian teenagers fighting and killing one another then you can see the two new videos of Peter that i made. Both of them with him being Darth Vader. It's all very exciting. Anyway, i just thought you might like to know about all my new videos. There's too many to put all the links here so just go to my account ( and you can see all the awesome videos there. But for now i must go. Fare thee well!


Anneli said...


lux said...

i watched the street fighting video, I remember fighting with you, and also watch you fighting with others. With those fights you went a bit harder tho....... :) I love it though, it brought back some good memories.
God bless you heaps.

Meg said...

chris.. that ROCKS! i'll have to post some of our crazy videos for you to see too.

take care.