Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Spring...When the freaks come out to play!

Sorry but those are the only freaks i had a picture of, so it wil have to do. But these aren't the freaks i'm talking about. I'm talking about the freaks that have been hiding all winter. Have you ever noticed that as beautiful spring comes and starts shedding it's warm light light upon the world the freaks come crawling out from under rocks and sidewalks where they've been hibernating and commence walking around for my viewing enjoyment? Well they do. And i love it. Walking around Tallinn you see all kinds of freaks. Foreign freaks, (Hate them) native freaks, (love them) natives who are feaky for trying to look foreign, (just plain funny) and foreigners who are freaky because they try to look native (You guessed it, that's me! ). I especially love watching all the "gangsters" i see walking around. I feel like it's halloween. I seen like 10 Eminems, a few H.I.M.s and i think i even glimpsed a Darth Vader. What i just want to know is where were all these people all winter? Why is it that now i can walk around enjoying a hilarious diversity while during the winter the only freaks i saw were the ones i'd see in any mirrors i'd pass by? I'm pretty sure some of them were chained to their computers playing violent games to keep out the cold. But i can't figure out where the rest of them were. Anyway, I just felt so overwhelmed by the coolness of getting to walk around and check out freaks that i felt i needed to blog about it. But i don't think i really make much sense. Anyway....

I'm currently uploading Estonia street fighters part three for those of you who enjoyed the first two. Yes i know they suck. Yes i know the camera never stops shaking. I know it's zoomed in to far. I know all of that. But when you're bored and you have a camera in your bag crazy things happen. so once again the link to my account is: http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=Kurisuvidz By the way, tell me what you think of my account with the blue background. I think it's much better than that white one. Anyway, now i must go shovel some food into my stomach. Cya!

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Mitchenstein said...

Just thought I'd let you know that there's a big picture of you all in the British Salvationist this week.

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