Monday, April 30, 2007


I'm sick! As in a bad cold. I've been sneezing all day. And to make it worse my brother, sister and mother are sick too and since my dad had an officers meeting today i was stick wiping everyone elses nose aswell as my own. I'm sick of being sick! And i've only been sick since yesterday! Ugh. Anyway, i feel as if i actually had something worth blogging about before i sat down a minute ago, but i can't remember what it is now. But i do have at least one thing of interest to blog about. I have found my true love. You see her in that picture there? No, not the red head. Next to him. Anni...In an attempt to get my fussy brother to shut up we put on Laste Ekraan (a kid's show) and i noticed something. Anni is gourgous! So i have now officially found my true love. I just have to get rid of that annoying Tom....And then there's also the fact that she spends all her time coloring and playing with stuffed animals...never mind, i think i'll look for a new girl. So sad...Anyway, i hate it when this happens! I tottally had something to blog about! And now i forgot! Jeeze! Or should i spell it "Geeze"? Whatever. I'm sick and tired. I'll probbaly think of whatever it was i wanted to blog about it and blog about it later. Anyway, Cya.

P.S. By the way, after i tottally insulted the color pink i realized something. Matt Champ isn't the only guy with a pink tie! I have on too, but it's like pink and black checked. So as long as it has some black it's still cool. Anyway, just wanted to throw in that pointlessness. Cya!

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