Monday, April 16, 2007

Feeling bored? Try Girl Power!

It's quite a long time since i've actually blogged about anything inteligent, and i'm not quite sure if this counts as inteligent but anyway i'm going to tell you about what i did yesterday. As you notice from the picture i was, as always, hanging out with girls. And i'm going to tell you al about just because i'm sure you are all dying to know how i'm doing. Anyway, after meeting up in Raekoja Plats and figuring out that we were completely bored and had nothing to do we walked around...A LOT! We walked to Viru Keskus...We walked back to Raekoja Plats...And then rather than continue the endless cycle we went to Rimi and bought some cheese bread (YUM!) which we devoured in a very piggish way, throwing little bits to the pigeons as we passed. But as we were at Rimi Evelin (Sitting next to me in the picture) noticed they had balls there for 15 Krooni, which reminded me i had a tennis ball in my bag. So we all ran down to Raekoja Plats and pulled out the tennis ball and commenced and great game of catch. Great because i'm not very good at either catching or throwing, and Keit makes me look good. And Evelin didn't have her glasses and couldn't see so if i stood to far away she would throw it way too high. And the best thing about playing catch in Raekoja Plats is that it's full of tourists! One time a van came in and parked in Raekoja Plats and Evelin threw the ball WAY over my head and almost smashed it through the windshield of the car, but being the great guy i am i ran and caught it, causing me to do a little victory dance in front of the car. Now what i hadn't noticed was that there was someone in the car...How embarrasing. Anyway, a few hours of goofing off later we wound up on a bench in Viru Keskus (usually were we end up at the end of the day) and what was special about this time sitting in Viru Keskus was that the bench accross from us had 2 beautiful girls on it. So after we sat down and had discussed it a little bit i commenced winking at them, lifting my eyebrows and generally being a total idiot. It was so funny because the girls that i WAS with kept saying "Look! They're looking at you! I think that one on the right likes you!" and then another girl would say "No way! It's the one on the left that likes you most!" So i did everything i could to grab there attention, waving, winking, standing upm cupping my hands around my mouth and anouncing "Attention please! Any girls interested in falling in love with me please line up at the front desk and put your name on the waiting list!" But as always i didn't get any...Well, thus is life. It was quite exciting. I even tried the Mr. Bean thing were i moved really, really slowly over towards their bench so that they wouldn't nocitce. But then i gave up. Anyway, that's just he funny story of what i did yesterday. I hope it made you smile, laugh, or grimace in a sick way. But until later, Tsau!

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