Thursday, May 24, 2007

Anneli Aavik/Junko Takeuchi/!! (Hollywood night)

Here is Anneli Aavik playing Junko Takeuchi. Wait a minute...Junko Tackeuchi doesn't sing Butterfly...That's, so maybe we switched names a little, but we did it on purpose! Junko Takeuchi is the Japanese voice actor for Naruto, and we thought the name was fitting for this song so we took it. Because is just the worst name ever. And those girls are wierd...Anyway, Anneli looks great in her costume, i'm sure you're wondering how we got her face so white, so i'll tell you, because it's very interesting. We got a cheese grater, used it to pulverize some chalk, and the smeared in on her face! As long as you stood at least 10 feet away it looked okay. Just kidding, it was great. But we really did use chalk and a cheese grater. Who uses face paint anyway?

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The Wittenbergs in Philly said...

Anneli did such a good job. I would have never know this was her. So beautiful actually. Chris...I look forward to seeing you soon. I know you miss Tallinn, and they miss you. Enjoy your family and friends in the States while you can. Susan