Thursday, May 17, 2007

It's rainging plates! Hallelujah!

Sorry i haven't blogged in forever, for once there's been something worth blogging about, and i haven't blogged about it. Why is that? When i have nothing to bog about besides video games and picking my nose then i write blog posts, but when i have something worth blogging about then i am silent. Wierd! Anyway, i have something worth blogging about. And i'm sure the title to this post made you curious, so just to torture you i will drag it out. Not really. Really i just have something else i need to blog about first. I have been utterly shocked at the reaction to my blog post about all those "Use a condom" adds. I had expected no comments other than maybe someone saying something along the lines of "You idiot! No teenager in their right mind is going to listen to you telling them to stop having sex! But maybe we can scare them into using condoms...." but no, i got no comments like that. Instead i have gotten praise! WHAT?!?! That blog post wasn't praise worthy! It wasn't even that good! And i refuse to believe that i am the only teenager on earth who thinks this way. I refuse to believe it for two reasons, first of all because if it's true then there's no hope for the world as i wish it could be, and secondly it would confirm my fear that i am never going to find a wife...Yeah, i know, i'm 17, shut up. Anyway, i don't mean to sound rude, thank you for thinking so highly of my writing, feel free to copy it (But if you could give me credit so that any teenage girls who wanted to track me down could find me...), i'm just shocked. I didn't think that post was so good. Thank you.

Anyway, what was it i was going to blog about? Oh yes, i remember. Plates. My new arch nemesis. Yesterday i was attacked by plates. Attacked by plates? How is that possible? I'll tell you how. But first i need to give you some background, so you can understand the motives of the plates. On Sunday my dad left for Moscow to go to some big Salvation Army thing, leaving me behind as the "man of the house". Now of course being the "man of the house" doesn't give me any new privileges (Such as staying on the computer as long as i want whenever i want, I would love that...) but it does giving me a ton of new responsibilities, such as cooking(No, my mom does NOT cook), cleaning, babysitting, and putting my 3 year old brother to sleep. And all that on top of my normal chores. Fun, huh? Tottally. Anyway, for the few days i've been cooking delicous, almost burned, meals (I'll tell you about my burger experience at the end of the post, it was sickening...) and putting my little brother to sleep every night (You try staying until 1 in the morning telling a story about a crocodile with a wocket in it's pocket!) until yesterday my friend Anneli was coming over for supper. I was making cheeseburgers (Always a treat) and me and Elizabeth were working over time to make the house look super nice for Anneli, Elizabeth was just about to wash ALL the dishes (I said over time i didn't i?) but before she did i was going to put away the dishes her and my mom had already washed. So as my two siblings sat at the table eating crackers i opened up the cabinet where we put the dishes to dry...grabed 2 plates and...slip! The rack that all the plates were on somehow broke and dump about fifteen plates right onto my face. Have you ever noticed how when things like that happen it always seem to be in slo-mo? Well it was this time, i saw the dishes coming and slowly turned my head to protect my pretty face (I didn't really need to, only one plate bounced off my chin) and spead out my arms to try to catch as many plates as i could. I caught about five, plus the two i already had, but the sound of smashing glass was overwhelming. It was still slo-mo and i swear it sounded like it took five minutes for all those crashes to stop. I turned to Elizabeth and said "Could you take Peter into the living room, please?" and she complied with mute obedience. It's funny how when something is wrong I'm obeyed without question. I think i should smash plates more often. Anyway, she took Peter to play in the living room and i called my mom to tell her what happened. Then i took out the broom and started sweeping up all the glass. It turned out only two things hab broken (Thank God) but it was still alot of glass. No one got hurt though, and i was still able to cook the burgers and set the table before Anneli and my mom got home! Aren't i amazing?

Anyway, i promised to tell you about my burger experience. Right after i had a pile of plates smash into my chest i had to make burgers. So i washed the frying pan and went to check on the meat. I pulled it out and to my horror noticed something...It wasn't completly defrosted! NO!!! So i stuck it into the microwave to defrost, and about five minutes later cut open the package and stuck my hand in. That was the single most disgusting thing i have ever done. The outside of the meat was a sickly lukewarm covered in liquid from the quick defrost and the inside was still almost frozen. UGH!! GROSS!! But i was running out of time so i took a big hunk of meat and shaped it into a nice big burger and threw it into the pan. Then i started on a second...The burgers were delicious, but making them was horrible. I will never make anything with half defrosted meat again. Horrible...Anyway, people have been asking when i am in America. Well i'm not quite sure myself, i'm not horribly keen on this trip (I LOVE ESTONIA!) so i don't have it memorized. I'll ask.....27th of May to the 21st of June. If you are madly in love with me (and i know you are) and want to see me E-mail now at and we can work something out. So as you may have guessed i leave in about a week to go on a trip i'm not too happy about, so please pray for me that i survive three weeks without seeing a beautiful Estonian girl. Anyway, i'm off to prepare for hollywood night tomorrow night! Cya!

P.S. Yes, i will blog about hollywood night. Later.


Kapten Clark said...

FIRST OF ALL, I have washed all the dishes all week long! PLUS had to handle everything at the corps! :-)

Second of all, a brief explanation may be in order. There is a cabinet above our kitchen sink. When you open the cabinet, there are not shelves, but slots to put dishes in when they are drying. This has been wonky for a while, and this is what fell.

lux said...

Hey Chris, it's not fair. when your in America, i am not going to be in that region of the world. i arrive over there a couple of weeks after you leave. :-(
May be you'll just have to come to Aus sometime (you'd love it)..... or me go Estonia.
Oh by the way glad to see that you have read some of my blog.... i haven't read the book - eragon, so it was just a good movie..
Anyway i should go.
Miss you heaps, i still remember the fun of last summer... (well 2 summers ago for me :-p ).