Wednesday, May 09, 2007

My personal favorite spot in all of Tallinn.

Isn't that beautiful? It would be better but i don't have the world's best camera (Yet. When i take over the world it will all be mine!! MUHAHAHA) and so this is all i can get. I believe i told you a little while ago about the big Estonian war monument i visited? Well i liked it so much i visited again. Being the city kid i am it is a huge blessing to go and sit in a grove of trees. And because it's a war monument it is almost always empty, and always silent. And it's up on a hill. And hills are rare in Estonia so that's one more special thing about it. And what i like about being up on a hill is the view. I can sit in my little grove of trees and look across the bay of Tallinn to see pretty much all of central Tallinn. I can see the top of Oleviste church in Old Town and the Methodist church by my house. I can also see the tops of Viru Keskus and Stockmann. It's a nice place to pray. I love it. Anyway, i'm not quite sure why i told you that. But i love that picture, so i hope you enjoy it. But now i must go, Cya!

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great photos and blog