Saturday, May 26, 2007

Look out America....Here i come!!

Well, it's too late too turn back now, in 12 hours i'll be in Germany (Singing "Schrei") and then another 12 hours after that i'll be on a plane to America (Singing "American Idiot") and then i'll land in America...Poor America, they just don't know what's coming! I mean, some people do. But i'm sure they are dreading having an insane teenager come. I can't wait. I've given up feeling resentful about having to leave Estonia for two reasons, because i'll be back soon, and because i'm looking forward to getting really drunk on rootbeer (It is possible...if you're me). It'll be great. I love traveling. I just can't wait to get going! Well, i probably won't be able to blog much while i'm bouncing around the world, but if you're dying to know what i'm doing...well...sorry, i'll be busy. But i'll try to squeeze in some blog posts some time. Anyway, i must be off now, i'm going to a shove a few last things in my backpack before i leave. Cya!

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