Friday, July 06, 2007


Hey, i didn't do much interesting today so i won't tell you about that. But i will tell you what i've been thinking about. Today, and basicly since the 4th i've been missing America a little. Only the slightest bit, but still. Everything is so easy in America. And everything tastes so good and fatty. But anyway, i haven't been missing it too much. And it's not really like there's any specific thing that i miss, i just miss being there. I think one thing i miss is just the adventure of traveling. I need to find some adventure in Tallinn. I mean fighting Russian kids is fun, but...well, the Medieval Market ends Sunday. And also i miss everyone speaking in English all the time. Though i'm quite happy that my reputation as a master Estonian speaker has spread to the point that people constantly ask me to translate for my parents. It's quite fun. Anyway, one thing, or actually person, who i've been missing a lot is my Auntie Masha who i had loads of fun with last time in America and who is now moving to one of those wierd "Stan" country's, either that or she's going to visit her friend Stan, i always get confused. Anyway, i haven't been missing her and the rest of America too much though because of the technicalogical beauty that is Skype and E(as in Extra-cool)-Mail. But it's always so funny because she's always praising stuff i do, especially my blog. Which i love because of all the things i do, my blog is one of my favorites to be praised for. But i could fart and she'd proabably say that was cool too so...Anyway. Don't know why i wrote all that. But i mus be off now, i'm tired and out of things to blog about. Cya!

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