Friday, July 20, 2007

I just remembered...Luna Lovegood is Rebekka?

One thing i forgot to mention in the last post is tha beautiful Ms. Lovegood/Lynch looks very similiar to my beutiful friend Rebekka, who i am happy to say that starting monday i will be happily enjoying a week of camp with, so here's one last conspiracy thoery, and no worries, it's not a spoiler at all. What if both me and Rebekka somehow got transported into the Harry Potter books, her as Luna's twin, Sol (get the joke?). Anyway, must be off now, Cya!

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Matt said...

On a related note, I saw Goblet of Fire again the other day when i realized... "OMG! Cedric Diggory looks just like Chris with different hair!" Shocking, no?