Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Wow, i have a LOT to blog about! (READ ABOUT MY SAT SCORES!!!!)

Well, i got back from Jr. Soldier camp, but for a whole bunch of reasons (including pure laziness) i haven't blogged yet. Wow, i'm pathetic! But at least i'm here now. And best of all i'm here listening to WCYY be streamed to me straight from Portland, Maine! And man am i loving it. Anyway, one reason why i've been even lazier than normal (is that possible?) is because i borrowed the whole Douglas Adams trilogy of 5 from the library and i've been reading it. Because i love Douglas Adams. And anyway, i just recently finished the last book, which had one of the worst anti-climaxes i have ever, every heard of. I mean seriously. But one thing i thought was quite interesting and i just had to blog about was that Arthur Dent had a daughter! Now this tottally was a mind boggling shock to me, but quite an interesting development getting to see (or more realistically read about) Arther Dent struggling with Fatherhood. But through the whole time that we got to know his daughter (who was quite apropriately named "Random") (seriously, that was her name) (no, i'm not joking) anyway...as we got to know his daughter, Random (don't start with me...) I could not hgelp feeling a connection with her. I could easily sympathize with her feelings. Her whole problem in life was the because she was born to the last 2 earthlings known in the existence of that particular universe along the probability axis (read the book if this is confusing) she could never find a place where she "fit", which is a feeling that i have battled with a lot over the last three years. Now i might not travel through time quite as much as Random did, and i might not be the only Earthling around, but, but, but but but but BUT! But, i AM the only American Christian around (that i know) and even in America, among Christians i still don't seem to fit quite right. There a very few plaves that i "fit", but at the moment Tallinn, Estonia with this particular group of friends seems to fit just fine. So i'm happy. But if you want to know what it's like being a missionary kid than read Douglas Adams' "Mostly Harmless" and put yourself in Random's place. I mean, i might not throw rocks quite as much as Random, but i know the feeling.

Anyway, once again i just wrote a whole bunch of stuff that might probably mean nothing to many (or any) of you. But that's what you get for reading my blog. Anyway, in this posts name i promaised to enlighten you as to what my SAT scores were. Well, there's three parts to the SAT scoring. So i'll tell you a third of my score. My favorite score. I got 580 on critical reading! YAY! That's good in case you don't know. That's above average. I'm above average. I'm a genius! Well maybe that's going far. But whatver. My mom got 580 on this part of this SAT too, and she's no idiot so that makes me feel A-okay. Or maybe B-okay. i don't know what the difference is. Anyway. That's all major excitement. One other thing, speaking of my mom and her brilliant scores (therefore also making my score brilliant because it was the same as hers) yesterday was her birthday. And we all had a big fun party at hope house. Quite exciting. But now, i think i must get off. I would like to do a second blog post about camp and put up some pictures from that of all the cute little kids. Well, i'll see. Anyway, must be off until i start the next post. Cya!

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