Thursday, July 05, 2007

Wow, medieval, what a fun day!

I know you are all very envious now because the last few of my posts have been so happy, but i'm sorry to tell you i'm just happy! Life is really good right now! Today started the medieval market in old town, which isn't all that exciting by itself because most of it is just that, a market. And since i don't have loads of cash sticking out of my pockets having a big market in the middle of Raekoja Plats doesn't really help me much. But because it's all "medieval" there's all these people prancing around in clothes that are apparently hundreds of years old, because they look just like what people supposedly wore back then. The other good thing is that, living in a city with a huge medieval fortress in the middle, i'm not the only person who feels we should all walk around armed with a sword. As you can see from that picture on the left there i improved on the traditional knight's armor. I thought it needed sun glasses. Anyway, Peter, Elizabeth and i had loads of fun fighting and going crazy and everything. It was great, this one Russian kid would not leave me alone. And he was like some kind of berserker with that sword, if those had been real swords i wouldn't be writing this post for lack of a right hand! It was great fun fighting someone half my size and still having to put up a good fight. It was great fun. And yesterday we went to the zoo, and i DID write a post about it, but for various annoying reasons you will probably never see it. It wasn't a very good post anyway.

Anyway, another very, VERY, exciting thing happened today. I have finally hunted down the Liivalaia Raamatukogu (library), the one with all the english books! Yay! I was so happy, i went in and asked first in English if they had any books in English, but my lady didn't understand, so i switched to Estonian and she pointed me to the area right behind the desk where i saw 3 or 4 rows of English books! I was like "WOW!!" i was so happy. Then, to make a good thing better, i asked how many books i could borrow and she said unless i paid 200 Krooni deposit i could only take out 10 at a time...only 10!! Wow, ten's enough for me! I was ecstatic to grab 5 great books and check them out. Now my librarian was trying so hard not to laugh, partly because of my shoddy Estonian, and partly because i was so excited about borrowing a few books. But seriously in three years, i haven't been able to go to a library and borrow books. In Tartu the only English books they had sucked. So now i'm here with a wealth of English books that i am highly interested in reading and am very happy. Who cares if people think it's funny. I LOVE BOOKS! Anyway, i'll just keep singing "Having fun isn't hard, when you've got a library card..." for now, because i have some reading to do! But anyway, i am now going to put up the good pictures from today and give them captions, so...enjoy reading it all! Cya!

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Kapten Clark said...

Click on this picture to make it big and you can really see the sunglasses! :-)