Sunday, March 30, 2008

Girls day out!

Well, I just had a day out with the girls and it was fun. Liis needed a graduation dress (she likes to shop early) and so Anneli, Evelin and I helped her out. Anneli, Evelin and Liis have all told me in the past that they would love to have a gay friend to go shopping with, because the stereotypical gay guy is fun, girly and has an amazing sense of style. Sort of a “Fab 5” type guy. So for today I did my best to play the part, only without being gay and girly. And mostly without having a great sense of style, so pretty much just being my fun old self, and throwing in my fashion thoughts occasionally. So that was quite an exciting adventure. I’ve never really gone on a 3 hour shopping trip for 1 piece of clothing before. But whatever. It was fun. Now I’m home again, taking care of my sick mother and crazy siblings. And now that my brother is going to sleep I’m blogging. I’m actually pretty bored right now. And I would like to write a different blog post. And I may just write it and never post it. But whenever there’s things that I want to blog about that might offend people I pause and ask myself,

1. Who will this offend?
2. How much damage will it do?
3. How important to me is it to write about this particular subject?

Normally it’s not worth the damage it will cause. And this particular post I feel will do more damage than good. In fact, because I’m pretty sure I know who does and doesn’t read my blog, it will probably do no good. Because the people who I want to read it never will. Wait a minute! I just got a great idea! Almost no one is offended by bible verses, so I’ll write out some bible verses that give the same message I want to give and then post that! And then I’ll just pray that through FaceBook or on a random whim to look at my blog the intended audience will see it. And even if they never do, who cares. Maybe there’s someone else who needs this message too. That’s a good idea. I’ll get to work on that right away, now Cya!

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