Saturday, March 01, 2008

Well, yesterday was Sadie Hawkins day...And I'm STILL SINGLE!!

Well, things on this planet never work like in the movies. And though it may have been nice if yesterday some girl materialized and decided she was madly in love with me. But because my life only resembles a movie in the levels of comic unreality surounding me no girls took the time to materialize. Which is actually probably a good thing, because if a girl materialized in front of me I'd probably freak out and think she was an alien trying to kill me or a figment of my imagination proving that I've finally snapped. So, sadly, I'm still one lonely guy fighting the world without the balancing influence of a beautiful female sidekick. Wait a minute, who says the chick has to be the sidekick? Okay, so maybe I'll be the sidekick, and when I screw up she'll smash my face No, let's just drop the whole sidekick thing. I mean who wants to get kicked in the side anyway? Not me...

So now I spent my Saturday babysitting (do I ever do anything else?) and I am so sick of little kids. If there's blood you can cry, over anything else, SHUT UP! I'm not really that mean. I'm just so tired of being yelled at by a 3 year old because he wants me to make him a sandwhich with peanut butter, fluff, nutella, and jelly on just one piece of bread and I'm saying he has to pick two things, not four. I can feel my blood pressure rising...But anyway, I'm done babysitting now. So maybe I can play The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, or Heroes of Might and Magic III and IV, or maybe I could just lie down on my bed in a T-Shirt and jeans (it would be great to not need warm clothes), put on some calming music, open my window and have a cool spring breeze play over my face. But at the moment a "cool spring breeze" would freeze me. And it's so cold I wear a hoody and fleece most of the time. And calming music...well, at least I can get that. So anyway, I'm off now. I'm tired, but I still have crap to do...crap, crap, craperoo...crappity, crap, crap. If i spell that wrong it would be carp you know...I don't want to eat carp, it taste's like...never mind. I'm rambling. So I bid thee farewell as I heroically march off into the sunset with a sword strapped to my back and a glint in my eye. GLINT!

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