Monday, September 01, 2008

"But if you replace the shrew with a mushroom you get away from the whole point that it's a love story!"

Houghton is, in one word, awesome. Amazing. Wonderful. Beautiful. I'm so happy to be here. One example of why is that I'm always laughing, always smiling. An example of this is yesterday I had just finished a rather long Skype call with my parents back in Estonia and gone outside to find something interesting to do. I decided I would either find someone I knew and hang out with them or I would find a quiet tree and curl up under it with a book. So I ran into my friend Elisa and we played spit next to the quad for a while, which was awesomely fun. And as we were playing some guy walked past talking on the phone, and as he went past he said, "But if you replace the shrew with a mushroom you get away from the whole point that it's a love story!". How randomly awesome is that! It's so funny, and so crazy and just awesome. And it's just one tiny example of why I love this place.

This morning was excellent. I had two classes, Greek and Biblical Literature. The Greek Prof. is Estonian, so I got to speak in Estonian for the first time in almost a month. and then the Bib. Lit. Prof. (Abbrs. r. gd.) kept joking around and talked about The Salvation Army a little bit, which I thanked him for after class. So I'm very happy. and now I'm off to Introduction to Pscyhology (Intro Psych) at 1:00, so I'm happy. I hope to blog more later, but at the moment be happy with what you get. Though I really miss blogging. So I'm going to make a real effort to try to do more. But until later, Cya!

P.S. This wonderful picture was taken by my friend Abi, who I also didn't ask permission of before using this picture. Well, if she gets angry her and Anya can get a mob together and kill me for stealing pictures. Let's hope not...

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Kapten Clark said...

Chris, that reminds me of the Monk episode where Monk had actually overheard something in another language -- I believe Latvian! :-)