Monday, January 02, 2012

I seem to have a vague memory of claiming to have a resolution...

Well, it's only January third and I already messed up a New Year's resolution. I didn't blog last night! I mean, I started to, but then I felt tired and went to bed instead. So, since I've messed up once that means that, just like with all things, I should give up, right? Here we go. Giving up blogging. This is the last sentence you will ever read on my blog.

Ha, got you. That right there was true deception. I'm like a ninja when it comes to things like that. Be impressed. So, anyway, now I will actually blog about the New Year's night on the town Jenny and I had.

For those of you who don't know Jenny is my super excellent fiance who I will be tying the knot with on June 9th this year. She's pretty fantastic, as well as just downright pretty. I like her a lot, as you can tell. Now, Jenny and I realized that until this year neither of us had ever actually gone out and celebrated New Year's. We had both always stayed in and watched the ball drop in Time's Square on TV or something.

But this year was different. This is the year we get married, after all! We started out at the University of Maine's Museum of Art. We love that art museum. It's well located (right by Bagel Central) and usually has pretty cool exhibits. The exhibit this time was no exception. The coolest thing there, in my opinion, was a collection of the photos taken by photojournalist Dominic Chavez in all sorts of cool countries. Most interesting to me were pictures taken in a Iraq. I personally just think photojournalism is really cool and I wish I had the skill to just capture a moment, all emotion intact, like this guy did. It was awesome. I was less impressed by some of the paintings by Carlo Pittore, particularly his nudes, about which the museum website says "Pittore’s depictions of nude subjects are unapologetically direct; the poses are candid and his models not idealized." Well, what I got out of it is that they looked kind of silly. Either way, that's art I guess. Jenny understands art way more than I do. The museum also had a "Get Blinged Out for New Year's Eve" event. The majority (as in all) of the people involved in this event were children, but...Jenny and I are radicals. We don't play by the rules. We're not ageist. Fight the power! Stick it to the man! Yeah, we made paper crowns by gluing on plastic jewels and beads and stuff. I had two gigantic feathers and stuff. We both looked pretty cool, despite being the only ones older than 12.

After leaving the museum we went up to the library to see what my family was up to. The library was having "Steampunk Night" to celebrate the New Year. Jenny and I find Steampunk to be generally pretty amusing so some good laughs were had a the many interesting costumes. Honestly, Steampunk kind of freaks me out. I mean, I wasn't even willing to play Bioshock because I don't want to try new things like Steampunk. But I got Bioshock during the Steam holiday sale so maybe once I've played that I'll fall in love with Steampunk. Who knows?

Sidetracked. Back to the library. Jenny and I browsed the cool events at the library, including guitar hero and dance dance revolution, and generally just scoped out the place. There wasn't much that interested until we realized that the art exhibit was showing a collection of World War II propaganda posters. Yeah, we're nerds. But this also proves we are right for each other. I mean seriously, who gets excited to look at a bunch of depressing WWII propaganda posters? We do, I guess. It was seriously pretty cool.

After that we decided to stop by the Union Street Brick Church, home of our favorite open mic from this summer, and see the Retro Rockerz, a local band. We only stay a few minutes. Not really our thing, I guess.

Next we decided we wanted to get something to eat and have a fancy date all at once. Two birds with one stone kind of thing. So we went over to Thai Siam (guess what kind of food they serve) and got a cozy little table for two by the window. We ordered an appetizer, appropriately named "The Silk of Love" (it was a cabbage-y thing with a tasty sauce and some chicken) and then followed it up with some coconut and mango ice cream. It was a wonderfully tasty little date.

After that we went to go see a comedian who was performing at the opera house and ran into Jenny's friends Kara and Cassie, who we hung out with for the rest of the night. I felt really bad for this comedian so I tried to laugh extra hard. The poor guy was on his second performance of the night and his crowd was a huge mishmash of mostly sober people. We had kids, old people, teens, college kids. How do you find jokes to make the whole crowd happy? He also had some people just straight up start walking out when he started telling jokes about his penis. Meh, poor guy.

Next was the much awaited ball drop at midnight. Seeing as how this is Bangor, Maine and not New York, New York the ball for us is actually a giant beach ball wrapped in Christmas lights thrown down into the crowd. I saw the video of it from last year and the beach ball dropped and the crowd bounced it around. Cool, right? Well, this year there was some confusion or something. First of all, the ball dropped at 12:02 (though I still kissed Jenny at REAL midnight through the magic of watching the time myself) and then when the ball was finally dropped it just kind of...dropped. No one bounced it. Honestly I'm surprised no one got hurt. It was almost like the people underneath where the ball dropped hadn't realized they were in a middle of a crowd who were all looking up waiting for something to fall from the sky. The ball just dropped to the ground. So, that was a little disappointing. So it goes.

So, that was my New Year's Eve! I hope you're glad I'm back to blogging. I'm still not sure if I like it, though I know it's good for me. It's like working out, it's embarrassing because I do it in public, I'm not that good at it, and it makes me sweaty and stinky and have achy muscles. Well, maybe it's not that much like working out.

Also, I turn 22 on the 9th. That's crazy old. That's not college kid age anymore, that means I'm "in my twenties." I'm so ancient! Ugh, I hope I don't become less cool or anything.

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