Thursday, September 27, 2007

It's time to...get a job? Or duel? (Plus, Angels in the youth room?)

That's right, I've been talking about it forever. Getting a job. But now i really have found the perfect job. MegaGame in Tallinn. The card shop. The place where nerds go to act nerdy. And the best thing about nerds...they all speak english. Because their cards are in english. And so if the guy selling the cards is also a nerd, and also an expert on english then that would be good. Therefore it is now my greatest ambition to turn my crazy Yugioh card dueling obsession of 5 years into a job. If i could have any 3 jobs on earth it would be these 3 in this order.
1. Working for a church/Christian organization, preferably The Salvation Army.
2. Working in a video game store such as GameStop. Man i'd love that.
3. Working in a nerdy card shop.
That really truly is, and always has been, my top three. My three loves. Jesus, video gams, and card games. And why i think that this job would be especially good is because an American working in a card shop in Estonia is a rare thing. And people will want to talk to me about why i'm here. So then i tell them if they want to know, all they have to do is come with me on Sunday morning...Only problem i see that my cause some problems is that they have their Yugioh tournamounts Sunday morning at 12. That bad. I need to be at church then. So we'll see. This is something i've been praying about for almost two years now, ever since my best cards got stolen. Because i know from years of playing these games that if someone is good at the game people will want to hang out with him. And if people want to hang out with me then i can tell them to come hang out with me at my favorite hang out spot in the world. The corps. Cool.
Anyway, i said something about angels in the youth room. Today was very exciting for me reasons than me trying to get as job. After visiting the Yugioh store i went up to the youth room like i always do to see it shining with clean beauty. Anneli, Evelin and Elis had spent 2 hours making it wonderful. So as i wandered around, mouth hanging open in awe, i saw something odd. Outside the second floor window of the youth room i saw three 13ish boys. Normally you don't see people walking around outside second floor windows. But then i remembered that the roof of the building next door was out there. And they must be standing on that. They waved. I waved back. They knocked. I looked shocked. I walked over and through sign language figured out that they wanted to come in. So, being the kind person i am i let them in, telling them to be careful and quiet and i would help them get out without trouble. So as we walked downstairs i invited them to Youth Night. Then i introduced them to Riina and she invited them and told them a little about The Salvation Army. I really hope they come back. They were my angels. I had been feeling slightly upset because the MegaGame store had said i can't work there (because i asked in English and they didn't know i spoke Estonia. I'll be back...) then i came to the corps and they dropped out of the sky and cheered my up with their farcical roof adventures. I hope they come back, i really do. So now i have an assignment for you. Two assignments. Two prayer requests. Can you please pray that i get this job if it's God's will. So really a two part prayer request. That i know God's will and get this job. And also please pray these 3 boys come back. Thanks. And one final assignment! COMMENT!!! No one ever comments on my blog. Some people say they don't because when they do their comments dissapear. That's because i moderate comments to avoid nasty evil people saying bad things, so your comments won't appear untol i've approved them. So please comment. Say things like "Chris i think this is a great, divinely inspired idea! Go play Yugioh!" or say things like "I think Yugioh is demonic and therefore so are you, hellspawn!" I don't care much what you say, just say it! Anyway, gotta go. Cya!
P.S. Did you like my picture? Pikachu Vs. Slyther...No contest.


Matt said...

Pokemon = monsters. Fluffy, cute, harmless monsters, but still monsters.

Yugioh = Playing cards. Playing cards imbued with the spirits of ancient Egyptian demons, but still playing cards.

You've heard all those stories about pets eating people's yu-gi-oh cards, right? Now imagine that pet was a Charizard.

'Nuff said. Your next assignment: Look up LOLCODE on wikipedia.

Kapten Clark said...

I'm writing a comment in the hopes that others will follow my good example!

Priit said...

0ky I will f0llow your good example and comment also.
Pikachus master dosent duel with cards he duels with pokemons and the Yugi0h character duels with cards so thats good and interesting picture you found.

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