Monday, September 03, 2007

Goodbye love...

You see before you all the things that can be yours for a small price of...oh, lets say 500$. Too much? I'm willing to negotiate. I had more i had wanted to blog about today, but since it's been like 3 and a half hours since i first asked to use the computer (it's been taking longer and longer every day, which is part of why i haven't blogged) i have no idea what it was. So instead i am just going to tell you about my last day with the X-box. Well not last, it's in a box sleeping on my bed right now. But today i took this picture of it and packed it up and hope i won't have to open it again until i sell it. Which i'm hoping will be soon. By the way, the angel of light won out on the FaceBook battle, and so i am now using the FaceBook marketplace to try to sell the X-Box. Add me as a friend on FaceBook please, because i can barely stand the shame of my mom having more friends on FaceBook than me. Anyway, today i had to clean my room because i got tired of hiking every time i wanted to go to bed. And since i was cleaning in there anyway i decided to pack up my X-Box. I'm not using it, so why keep it out? So anyway, Peter cried and cried as i did it, it was worse than any funeral. And you have no idea how it effected me. I don't know why i feel this way but i'm just so freaked out. I can't believe it's gone. It's hard for me to let go. I never really pictured my life without X-Box. I wanted to bring it to college to watch DVDs on...It's so sad...But life goes on. But anyway, everything in the picture can be yours fro 500$ dollars or less (i'm more than willing tro haggle). Please let me know if you're interested.


Kapten Clark said...

Peter really was bawling his eyes out! But it was because he wanted to play with the white foam pieces inside the "XBox box" but Chris wouldn't let him!

Erica said...

Hi Chris,
Why you can't have X box? Why you wanna sell it if its that good?

take care