Monday, February 12, 2007


That's what i said yesterday as i stared in absolute mind boggling horror at...well, let me start at the beggining, i wouldn't want to give away the end. Yesterday, because my little brother Peter had been up late the night before we decided to let him sleep in and i'd bring him in to church later. Which was nice for me because it meant i got to chill for a little while and not have to worry about rushing to church. The only catch was that i'd have to dress him and change his diaper, but hey, the diaper was only supposed to be wet, so that's no problem, i could deal with that. So after a little while Peter woke up and we played with his toy barbeque (He likes REAL barbeque chips, he grills them!) for a while and then i told him i need to get him dressed, and he was fine with that, so i laid him down and took off his PJ's and then was about to just quickly grab off his wet diaper and put on a clean one when i noticed it smelled stronger than a normal wet diaper. So i slowly and cautiously opened the diaper, and then i looked inside and found myself staring in absolute mind boggling horror at...CRAP! And that's what i said. So my Peter asked me "Bubby, what's crap?" And i said "Poopy, oh God no, it's poopy!!" So i called my parent's and asked the, what to do, because i have always said i will do anything for my brother...except change his dirty diapers! But now i had no choice. I got the wipes, i had a clean diaper standing by, and i cleaned. AGH!!! I CHANGED A DIAPER!!! It was a terrifying experience. And one i wasn't expecting to hace to live through for years to come. But now when my brother gets a girlfriend some day i can embarrass him and say "Oh, you're such a lucky girl! I remember when i used to change Peter's diaper, he has such a cute little bum! Awwww!" So now i have a new thing to add to my resume, i can change diapers. That's just freaky. My big fear is that now that i've changed a diaper my parent's will make me keep doing it. THE HORROR! But anyway, i need to go now. Later i'm gonna put a video up on YouTube that will make everyone laugh, so be ready!! But until then, Cya!

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MaryKay Smith said...

I AM SO GLAD I READ YOUR POST CHRIS!! See you in the spring.
Your cousin Sashenka