Saturday, February 17, 2007

I survived Valentine's day!

Valentine's day was evil, it always is, but i survived it. I did walk around listening to evil, scary, angry music. But i didn't see any couples suddenly discover they hated each other. But i still think that would have been awesome. I'd be like the anti-cupid! Instead i searched for new headphones, it took me like 2 hours, but with the help of my friend Elis (so i did spend Valentine's day with a girl...) i did track down a pair i liked, and for half the price i thought i'd have to pay. So i am quite happyt about that. I also feel quite proud of myself because as i was waiting in Viru Keskus to meet up with Elis there was this annoying couple who had decided it was their Valentine's day mission to tell the world that they were "In love". So they were jumping all over, making out, hugging, generally being annoying. And i feel quite proud because i did not kill them, though i was quite tempted. But anyway, i survived Valentine's day, and because of that survival i got to make it to friday, when we had a party at youth group! I love parties! And this one was interesting because since this was Valentine's day week the theme was "Revolutionary Love" because of this whole thing that every one is into that if you spell revolution backwards then you see love in there. I actually think it's quite interesting because if you spell all of revolution backwards you get noitu lover, and i have no idea what that means but it sure sounds exciting.

So i really enjoyed this part because we had all sorts of new people. Or people who don't normally come. We had five people who don't normally come, it was quite exciting. Especially because three of them were girls, and everyone knows i love a new audience! One of these three girls was Kristiina, who i had met at camp and had instantly singled out as one of the cutest teenge girls i have ver seen. Now normally when i see someone horribly gourgous i instantly attack them with flirting, but i flirt best in english, my native language, and there was one thing about Kristiina that made flirting impossible, she only speaks Russian, and the only words i know in Russian get me slapped by Christian girls. But on friday i had two willing guys who were more than happy to trach me all i needed to know in Russian to flirt to me heart's content. And Anneli taught me some stuff too. Now, as always when i have a language learning session i got taught like 20 words, but i only remember one. So all i actually learned was "Karrova", which means cow, and i can't really flirt with that! "Priviet krisevia karrova!" "Hello beautiful cow!" It doesn't work. But i was quite happy with the result of all the flirting. The end result was me getting hit in the eye with a mandarin, which i then threw back at Anneli (i had just accidentally called her a cow, the guy had told me the word without telling me the definition. Oops!) which bounced off of her forehead and into Kristiina's cup. I am so smooth. Chicks dig guys who throw fruit. They all laughed, and you know what they say, the end's justify the means!

Anyway, that was just part of a really fun night. But i can't really think of anything else worth blogging about, so until next time, Tsau!

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