Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's day sucks!

Valentine's day sucks! Let's see how many times we can say that before this post is done. I haven't even gone outside yet but i'm already dreading the evil mass of couples who will be walking around, "madly in love", making out all over the place and genereally making nuisances of themselves. And i'm going to be walking around alone except for my one faithful companion, my MP3 player. And that sucks because my left ear phone is broken. I'll probably listen to something angry, evil, and scary. And all the couples i pass will suddenly realize they hate each other, and break up in a very sudden, painful way, with little bits of heart flying everywhere. I can just imagine how much fun that would be! It would stop all that disgusting exchanging of fluids (so un-hygenic) that all those stupid couples enjoy so much. The jerks. If they have to be in love, can't they do it where i don't have to see it? Valentine's day sucks.

Now, as you may have grasped by now, i think Valentine's day sucks. But, and this is the important part, i love SõbraPäev. In Estonian today is called friend's day. Which i like much better for several reasons. You are not going to get a cold from making out with your friend, because you won't make out. You're friends. And the best thing about friend's day rather than Valentine's is that Valentine's day you focus on the "special someone". Well i have lots of friends, so i will will be able to enjoy a day with lots of special someones, so, rather than spending the day trying to suck someone's tonsels out, i will spend the day hanging out with my best friends, where most guys hang out with one girl today i'll hang out with 3!! So Valentine's day sucks, and i'm boycotting it, i'm going to celelbrate friend's day instead, and spend the day hanging out with my friends, not some stupid, annoying girlfriend. Thank God that that is not my problem. Got 99 problems but (you know what) ain't one. So anyway, happy friend's day friends. If you have the misfortune to be cursed with a "special someone" know that my pity goes out to you. Now i must go party, so Cya!


Anonymous said...

you are so amazing. all sadness about this day wil leave soon. u wil see

Anonymous said...

Chris, girls are cows.Some of them are even sheeps. So dont worry about M. She is just one more who is going to ruin her life if she is not with you MAN.

Give me her phone mumber ;-)

Anonymous said...

yo yo yo homieee. =) hahahha jkjk wow thats sadd! =( it was pretty funny though lol. oh yeahh, this is taylorr your amazing cousin! =] haha and casey is sitting next to me. she says "heyy supp?" lol not really but thats alrightt it will be our little secrett! hhaa well she is sitting next to me but she didnt say supp but she said hey. wow im cool!

hey do you have a myspace? wait nvm i dont think they have those in russssiaaa...wait maybe they doo idk you tell meee.

wow i just saw a ghost! ok nvm i didnt that was a joke. HAHAHAH wow im super duper ccool noww! yessirr so im going to come see you and hope you have some friends that are guys. lol haha jk im really not lol. but your comingg back to americaa the great land of bordom. hhahahah wow im silly. well just maines boring. but chyessss sasha the baby says hi...well he doesnt but im sure he would if he could talk. hes sleeping right now. hes one cool dude. =)

hmmmmm o yeahh your coming here on my birthday! haha oh and caseys too but shes not cool so yeahh. hahahha jkjk shes the bombbb. we went to the mall today and wenr shopping and ate chinese food, i know, your jealous. hahah =)

well i think im going home now idk maybe not but im done with this because im like writting a freaken novel right here haha.

welll byeee!

ohh yeahh p.s. when you come you can drive me aroundd! sence your old enoughhh! hhaha jk youd like crash me into a tree. lol..ok byeee.

MaryKay Smith said...

I think Taylor's comment is the most interesting. Shows how unique this family is!!