Thursday, February 01, 2007

Freaky dreams, fun comments, and gothic tram love!

When a post has a name like that you KNOW it's gonna be good. And trust me, this one will be no different. Which do you want to start with, dreams, comments, or tram love? I usually start with comments so i will again now. First of all, i was very happy to see two comments from my friend-i've-never-met Meg, from somewhere in America. And i have a few things to say. Did i really mess up descendents and ancesters? How stupid is that! Sorry to all my blog readers who were offended by my pure stupidity. And also, Meg, i'm sorry to say this but for some reason microsoft hates Estonia so much that we can't get X-box live here. But sometime. Maybe in the near future, i will be in
America with an X-box, will waste some money on a headset and get myself hooked up to X-box live. Then we'll see who kicks whose butt! You might be able to beat your brothers, but i have yet to find a challenger who can take me out. And that's in Canada, America or Estonia! But you never know, maybe you could best me....Let's hope not. And plus, i have on advantage, Halo makes me feel all manly. So no one can beat that! I know i'm getting sidetracked here but i've got to say how much i'm loving Halo. The music is a beautifully amazing adventure in itself. I've gotta figure out a way to get my hands on it. I did find one site where i could download "the Silent Cartographer rock anthem" (or "Rock Anthem for Saving the World") Which is cool but rather short. I NEED MORE!! It's strangely reminicent of the fight music from Naruto, and trust me, i wouldn't like Naruto half as much as i do if it wasn't for the cool music. I'll probably use the line-in MP3 encoding on my MP3 player to take it straight from the game. And another thing i love is how every time you get your orders, your final order is always "Give 'em hell!" which is fun because i think of myself as a "Hellfighter" because i fight hell and all it's minions. So let's Give 'em Hell!

Anyway, i like getting sidetracked. Where was i? Oh yes, now i am done with talking about my comments, and which do you want me to move on to now? Dreams or Goth love? I would flip a coin but i don't have one. How about dreams first. But it's hard because i have to type queitly because my mom is sick and she says "Chris, you're so loud! You don't touch type, you do like target practice!" Which is kind of true. Anyway, i had a few freaky dreams last night, some of which i'll blog about, some of which i'll not. Because they're Evanescence "Taking Ove Me" types of dreams. In a "i lie awake and try so hard not to think of you/but who can decide what they dream?/and dream i do..." kind of way. But anyway, i had quite strange dream that people were argueing about politics, because we have an election coming up in Estonia, and they asked my opinion. I'm not really political i said. Because i don't really know much about it. Then they got all angry, and for some reason there was a band near by, and so one of the people (judging from the flag painted on his cheek i think he was from the "Keskerakond" or "Central Party") grabbed me and started smashing my head against a snare drum. It was quite funny actually, because, like in most of my dreams, i was watching this from a third person view. So i saw my own funny head bouncing off the drum head. Owch! That was quite painful, but funny. Then after that i had a nice dream, where some girl, i don't know who, was just holding me and listening to me say all the sad things about my life. And just saying "I know Chris, but i love you anyway" and she was just holding me...Then my dad had to knock on my door and wake me up. Why is it that people only interupt the good dreams? Well anyway, i'll still pray i can make that a dream come true someday. Someday.....

Anyway, now on to the final thing, Gothic tram love! You know this will be good. The other day (Tuesday) i fell in love on the tram. I jumped on a number one tram here at Kruetzwaldi (Or however you spell it) and she jumped on at Hobujaama. It was love at first sight, from her black hair to her black clothes to her black eye shadow, i was hooked. I was standing in the back of the tram, leaning back feeling cool, which is my favorite place on the tram to be. The she walked right up to me...and turned around. So i had a very good view of the back of her head. She had some really cool, kind of asianish hair style, which was so cool. And i could see one of her hands, she had on one of those half glave things, like what my friend Anneli made for me and which i was wearing! Oh, i knew it! Love! We had so much in common. Then i continued my visual examination, i noticed she had as black bag, just like mine, only hers had A.F.I. written on the side in some freaky marker. A.F.I.? That sounds familiar! I have an A.F.I. song on my MP3 player! So i flipped through my one Gigabyte of music until i found A.F.I.'s song "Silver and Cold" which is such a fun little play on words that i've always loved it. So i listened to this song because i figured (quite correctly) that i'm never going to get to actually talk to her so what better way to get to know her than listen to music she likes. So as i listened to this song and tried to see the world as she did everything changed...

It was suddenly so very, very cold. And the sun was so bright! And the snow, oh so white! Ugh! Then i saw some friendly shadows. They looked nice. I could rest in their dark warmth. And oh how i hungered. My stomach was full and yet i hungered. An empty desire filling me completely. I can't name it though...It was quite sad. And everything seemed darker. And i felt so much lonelier. I looked around me. Everyone was against me. And they were pathetic. It was sickening. Then my stop came, i jumped off at Baltijaam. She didn't. Which is good because i probably would have freaked her out by stalking her a bit. And as i walked i watched her in the back of the tram going away...leaving. And i was quite happy that i had now switched to Bomfunk MC's "Freestyler" so i could stop feeling depressed and start feeling cool again. It was quite a sad, freaky looky into life through her eyes. We would have never worked out anyway, she was too freaky and depressed. I always say that i'd love to be a goth but i'm too happy. Which is true. So sad. And plus she was wearing a pink collar, i hate it when people wear collars. Collars are for dogs. So sad that i didn't meet me true goth love on the tram. I had hoped. But so sad. By the way thie picture at the beginning of the post is my gothic love. What a goergous angel. Anyway, my mom's been talking to me about college all afternoon which always puts me in a BAD mood. So now i'll just try to eat some candy or something to make myself feel better. Cya!

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The Meg said...

man chris.. i never coem to your blog unless i know i have time to read because.. well.. there's so much freakin' stuff to read!

and btw, i live in TN.. remember, the southern chick?

i've been listening to E. a lot lately too.. but sorry, no dreams here. simply put, i don't dream. yes, sad i know. i'm wondering if it's because i have such an active imagination during the day that my mind just collapses come night. i think it makes sense, don't you?

one of my friends said: no wonder you're tired and stressed, your brain goes 100 miles per minute.

ha. very true.

and i LOVE being talked about in a post. i feel so very special. :) i share stuff you say with my friends all the time. you're quite the celebrity around us!