Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My 200th post! YAY!!! Welcome to Kurisu-Gi!

Well, it's been three days since i ordered all of you inferior beings to make a census. Err, i mean since i humbly begged you wonderful people to tell me whether or not you read my blog. Anyway, i'm very happy because i got 9 whole comments! And 8 of them actually had names attached! My mom, my dad (who accidentally commented as my sister), AG (I know who this is...i'm pretty sure), Then John, A.K.A. Mitchenstein (That is such a cool nickname!!), Then Mrs. Wittenberg, and don't worry, i could have had no one comment and i still would have blogged. I just would've written and angry post about how know one loves me. So anyway, next came Meg, my friend who i've never met from somewhere in America, and yes Meg, you could kill me with a shotgun to the head (POW! Right in the kisser!) but you'd have to catch me first! Followed of course by my Aunt MaryKay, and i know i need more pictures but no one wants to look at my ugly face so i leave them off. Then i had "DIS BLOG ROKS! Found it doing search and stayed for months." Who is an anonymous someone, you're supposed to leave a name but...well, "DIS BLOG ROKS!" is as good name as any. Thanks for reading my friend "DIS BLOG ROKS!" And then finally my cool BSS. That's nine readers. I feel like the count from sesame street. "ONE! ONE READER! HAHA! TWO! TWO READERS! HAHA!!" and so on.

Anyway, i'm quite glad to have so many readers. I know there's more. I'm waiting for at least two more comments. Because i know there's at least two people in southern Estonia who check out my blog on occasion. Though i may have offended one and she has now run off with her tail between her legs, so sad, like i care. Anyway, because this is my 200th post, and because i have some reader(s) i didn't know existed i'm going to give a little intro to my blog. Because some of you may be wondering "Who is this dark man of mystery who is so goodly looking and yet so single?" My name is Christopher John Clark, but you can call me Chris, or Kurisu, lord of dorkness, your choice really. I live in Estonia because i'm an agent of a kingdom not of this world. In other words, i'm a Christian missionary working here with the Salvation Army. And my blog is The Chronicles of Chris because it chronicles the life of...well, ME! And i just recently figured out what my blog's name would be in Japanese (I think). In Japan they have some document called "Nihon-Gi", which means "The Chronicles of Japan" and "Nihon" means "Land of the rising sun" (Japan) so i assume the "Gi" ending makes it the chronicles of. So take my name, Chris, translate it into Japanese, Kurisu, stick on Gi and what do you get? Kurisu-Gi! Isn't that cool?

Anyway, i'm very happy that people who have stumbled onto my blog randomly have found it enjoyable and worth sticking too. I don't read any one elses blog, i'm too lazy. But i thank those of you who read mine. But remember, the census isn't over yet, so if you haven't commented yet, then go do it, now, GO!!! Anyway, i have a special present for you blog readers. As i write this post i am also uploading a video to YouTube. A video that not only let's you see me get beat up, but where you also get to ogle one of the georgous Estonians i spend all my time with. As soon as it's done uploading I'll put on the link. But for now i have to wait. It takes forever to put things on YouTube. So while i'm waiting i'll sing a song...LALALALALALALALAA!!! I hate waiting. But i think i will refrain from typing while i wait or this post will quikcly double in length. 30 minutes later...Thanks for waiting, the video is now ready. Get ready for some fun! It sucks at first, but hang in there. It gets better. And by the way, i did all my own stunts. Hope you enjoy it. Click here: Cya!


Anonymous said...

verrry verrrri interesting blog

Meg said...

uh oh! an anonymous comment! what are you going to do to them, chris?

and i'm in TN!

Kristi said...

what about me???? i read your blog..

lux said...

you slacker not reading other peoples blogs, if you did you might find out what is happening in other parts of the world. I am offended.



Not really

lOve ya
Keep fightign for Christ