Tuesday, February 13, 2007

That's shocking!

What's shocking you ask? Static electricity! What else? I don't know why but it's a known fact that during winter static electricity is even worse than normal, and i am now coming to realize that the static electricity apparently wants me dead. Quite sad really, because i never did anything to the static electricity. I'd actually much rather be friends, but whatever, that choice has been made, and a war has started between me and static elctricity, and all electricity in general. But as far as i can tell i'm the only one who has gotten hurt by this war. And because i'm sure you all have nothing better to do than sit around and pity me i am going to tell you my sad tale, which is really quite shocking! (Pun warning! If you hate me, my puns, my jokes, the funny things i say, or just hate laughing in general, please exit this page and never read my blog again.) Anyway, a little while ago this war started with a covert attack on me by my fleeces, headphones, and MP3 player. I had just come in from carrying boxes outside and so i was all hot and sweaty. So of course i took of my fleeces, which rubbed against my other fleeces(I have a habit of wearing four fleeces), making static electricity. At the same time my head phone wire touched the zipper of my fleece, causeing all that static elctricity to go into the wire. Suddenly my music stopped and my ears ears exploded! Not really, but the MP3 player did shut off, despite having a brand new battery in it, and my headphones did shock my ears, which was quite painful, or should i say...SHOCKING! Then later that same day, i was hooking the DVD player at the corps up to the sound system when my Salvation Army dogtag, which i always wear around my neck, touched the wire i was plugging into the DVD player from the sound system. OWCH! SHOCKING!! My dogtag was electrifying me all around my neck! That was also quite painful, and cuased me to jump back, but only after i had plugged in the DVD player. Now that wasn't static electricity, but it was still shocking! And in this past week since that day, i've been shocked multiple times by TVs, my X-box, my fleeces, and my MP3 player! I'm under attack! It's quite...you know what i'm gonna say...SHOCKING!! I just can't wait for spring, less static, more warmth. I need it. I'm not depressed like i was last year, but i still need winter to end. I've had enough. But until next time, Tsau!

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Ingel said...

Hi Chris,

wow, mhm. Well, I think in Est they sell in shops some kinda magic spray that you can spray on your clothings and all the bad electricity disappears.

You should try it ;). It might actually help...

take care and see you soon