Monday, January 29, 2007

Owch! I am almost had my ear pierced by an umbrella!

Yes, it's true. I almost got my ear peirced by an umbrella. You see that scary, pointy, shiny, pointy, evil point? Yeah, the pointy one. The one like a demonic needle of doom. IT'S EVIL! My brother had this tiny umbrella that he loved to play with, it was fun because it could be used as both a sword and a shield, and when needed, a club. So yesterday i came and sat on the couch, you know, just because i like sitting on that blue couch (that couch is evil by the way, so it's no surprise really...) and i had my head down pretty low when out of the corner of my eye i saw something yellow moving fast in my direction. Thank God i turned my head or else that evil needle would have got me straight in the eye! Instead, i turned my head and felt the needle sink deep into to my skin at the bottom of my ear where my ear meets my head. OWW! That hurt! I started yelling for help and then after they assured me that i wasn't bleeding i stood up, looked in the mirror, and saw that yes i was bleeding. A lot! So i grabbed a box of tissues and started soaking up blood as my parent's took away the guilty weapon..My poor little brother started crying, not because he hurt me of course, but because we had taken away his umbrella. Poor guy. So i told him i loved him anyway and gave him a hug, but then i still wouldn't give my brother his umbrella. And now it will be trashed. Thank God! So now here i sit with a scarred and bloody ear (i'm kind of exagerating) after my horrible injury, it still hurts. But i'm fine. I'll live. This scar will heal. It's so sad that i had to take his umbrella away though. But now you know of my tragic pain...pity and love me! But for now i must go, because nothing interesting has happened today. But for now i must go. Cya!

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Anonymous said...

I love how you love your brother. Susan