Friday, August 17, 2007

Chris Vs. Microsoft round 2! Ding!

Well, obviously Bill Gates has seen fit to make me his mortal enemy and has ordered his office here in Estonian NOT to contact me. I've waited and waited. But i've received no call. Now i feel offended. Now you've awakened the beast (The beast simply being a much scarier version than me)! The X-box has been getting gradually worse. It's started giving me the evil "green words on black back" screen telling me to contact customer service. Now, being smart like i am i had contacted them preemptively because of a lesser problem. But Microsoft customer service did not deem this customer worth serving. So i went to a higher authority. Forget Microsoft. It's now me vs.! I decided i was sick of waiting. The X-box has started doing disturbing things (like spitting discs at joke, it really did). I would skip right over Microsoft Estonia office and go straight to! So i sent them a nice e-mail telling them that if they did not fix my X-box and throw in complimentary games and accessories i would pull their entrails out through their noses (this goes back to the whole "Do you believe video games make you more violent?" "No! And i'll kill anyone who says so!"). Well, i wasn't really so mean. I was actually extrordinarily polite. In fact i only threatened to kill them twice! Not really. I'm simply hoping that the X-box loving people of will understand my love and need for X-box and will therefore gladly help. I can hope. They promised to write me back within 24 hours. So that's like 23 hours 45 minutes and counting...Let's see how round three plays out!

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