Monday, August 20, 2007

Prayer room.

Well, today starts an adventure that i'm sure will end interestingly. Today we are starting our prayer room which is (at least today, we're playing this by ear, we might change later) 12/7 rather than 24/7. We would love to have 24/7, but me and my dad didn't like the idea of not sleeping at all this week. Because we would be the only people willing to take the night time shifts. So at least for today we will end at 9 pm and start tommorow at 9 am. My first shift starts in just over an hour so i just wanted to let you all know about this prayer room and ask you to all pray about it. I'm super-duper-extra-over-the-top excited about it. I got a humongous pile of all my best Christian music that i'm going to leave at the Prayer Room all week, so that's one more thing to pray about, i love my music, and if any of it goes missing or gets damaged i will be very sad. But i consider it a worthy investment. Anyway, please pray for us all and pray that this all goes well. Some people are really excited about this, but other people are acting like i just asked them to pull out their own teeth with rusty pliers. So we don't have a whole lot of volunteers. If you are in Tallinn and are interesting in praying at the prayer room please call me at 56469016 and i will be happy to set you up. Anyway, i think that's basicly it for now. Thank you for praying! Cya!

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