Saturday, December 15, 2007

La, La, Lasagna!

Guess what I cooked yesterday. Wait a minute, correction, TRIED to cook yesterday. That’s right, LASAGNA! I’ve made lasagna before, and last time it was pretty good, and I was very happy with my cooking skills. But last time I didn’t use meat. My recipe was for vegetarian lasagna so that’s what I made. But this time I felt adventurous, I thought I should chuck in some meat and make this a good carnivore lasagna. So armed with instructions from my dad (who is the master cook in our house, despite the sexist idea that only women can cook, it is my dad and I who do about 99% of the cooking) I pulled out all the ingredients and got to work. Despite my little brother being constantly underfoot and making me splash sauce all over myself I was doing pretty good. I browned the meat until it was perfect; the smell of it could have driven a pack of hungry teenagers to the brink of insanity (though most are already there). Then I mixed it in with two types of sauces and stirred nicely than begin the repetitive cycle of “Sauce, noodles, cheese. Sauce, noodles, cheese. Sauce noodles…” but after the first layer I noticed I didn’t have a whole lot of sauce. So I grabbed two more jars and stirred them in with the meat and laid down more noodles and cheese, then as I was spreading sauce I noticed I was low again. So I grabbed my final two jars of sauce and once I had finished this layer of sauce noticed I now didn’t have room for another layer of noodles. Well, I guessed I’d just have one less layer of noodles than normal. So then I took this rather full and heavy dish and put it into the oven to cook. Half and hour later I took it out and put some nice cheese on top, three different kinds! I was like the cook master! Three cheeses! I’d never done that before. So 15 minutes later I pulled out my masterpiece of cheese and sauce and stuck in a spatula and began to serve. It was about this time that I realized that my master was nothing more than cheese and sauce. I had created lasagna soup. We at it with bread, and when my mom came home she wouldn’t eat it at all (people are always so appreciative of my cooking). We’re probably going to use it with spaghetti or something, because it’s a great sauce I created, it’s just not a great lasagna. So just a hint, if you’re ever cooking lasagna, don’t use 6 jars of sauce with two layers of noodles.

So that was an interesting start to me night last night. But as with everything I took it in stride because no use crying over spilled lasagna soup. The I went to the corps and got a nice surprise. Several surprises actually. One is that Nadia came to the corps with Elis (which surprised me after Elis told me not to scare Nadia away with “all that God stuff”, which I answered by standing up in our crowded tram stop and yelling “REPENT, SINNERS!”) and the other was that during youth group, Rebekka and Kerli showed up with 3 little girly friends! Yay! You know the song “Girls” by The Beasty Boys? I love that song. “Girls. Yeah all I really want is girls.” The only problem is that when I say “little girly friends” I mean they were all little. But then again so are Rebekka and Kerli. Why is it that no one ever brings their 17 year old, single Christian friends to meet me? Why do they always either have to be guys, or satanic, or really young? My friend Keit is under the impression that the dark haired one kept looking at me. I might be more interested by this news if she was roughly 5 years older. Anyway, that’s 5 girls who all left with applications for winter youth camp in January, so let’s hope they come. Though we really, desperately need more guys. So far I count 5 guys that I know for sure coming. And I know there’s going to be girls. There’s always girls. And as I said I want there to be lots of girls, but not too much or else the house will start to smell too nice. We need more of us men to stink it up.

Anyway, I’ve probably given you all nightmares of smelly men now so I’m going to go before I do any more damage. Cya!

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