Saturday, January 27, 2007

What is my Blog's future? And does it have anything to do with Night at the Museum?

No, my blog's future has nothing to do with night at the museum. Well except that i may blog saying i love or hate it, because i'm very excited that i'm going to see it today. I'm going on a date! With my sister and dad. Which is pretty cool. It looks pretty funny so i have high hopes for it. It better be a great movie, 'cause if it's not...then i'll say it's not. But besides that, i was wondering about my blog's future. In 10 years, will this blog still be here? Will i still be writing on it? Will people still read it? Will it still be interesting? What kind of things will i write about? Or how about in a hundred years, assuming i'm dead by then, will my blog live on? Will it be read by my ancesters? Will they find it interesting? I don't know. I can only hope. I think all that would be great. If my blog lasted forever, and continued to be read. And in a thousand years maybe teachers will give a school assignment to read a blog from the 21st century, and people will pick mine. And laugh at the funny way i talk and how funny my (to them) so un-high tech MP3 player is. That would be sooo cool! I hope that's how it goes. Anyway, i'm gonna go now, because i gotta get ready to go to the movie! PARTY!!!! Cya!


Ingel said...

Hi Chris,

cool that you are gonna go out to see a movie :d. Hopefully it was good:D.

Anyhow good questions about the future and yoru blog. But maybe nowadays internet will be replaced with "new" internet and everithing will disappear and there will be something different in the future... dunno, lol

take care


Meg said...

Dude.. ancestors are people that come before you. Descendants are people that come after.

:P sorry.. couldn't help it.. blame it on college english