Sunday, January 28, 2007


Today i got Halo. Today i kicked butt. Today was fun. That pretty much covers the most exciting stuff that's happened. Today has just been going my way. Everything's been going right. I feel great. Thank God. I've been needing a perfect day. Maybe i can start a trend? We can hope. I'm going to talk more about Halo, despite the fact the people who might be interested already know it's greatness, and everybody else doesn't care. I got Halo, put in my X-box and sat down, punching the air going "YES! YES! YES!!!" And does any one remember the first time you heard the music? Or saw the "loading screen"? That is something i'll never forget. The beauty is overwhelming! Then next thing i knew BAM! I was shooting the crap out of covenent troops, enemies lay down before me. It's a wonderful feeling. I need to play that more often. I don't know what it is about Halo but it rules. I can't wait to play again. And seriously, there is nothing that makes you feel more manly than playing halo. You're a 7 ft. tall cyborg in invicible armor chasing aliens with guns. And on top of that you've got this deep manly voice and even when wimpy little computer AI Cortana wants to sit down you're like "NO, I'M FAR TOO MANLY!!!" And you are. And even when everybody else dies, you are far too invicibly manly. I LOVE IT!! It is so fun! So now i have given you a description of my first time REALLY playing Halo. It's amazing. If anyone out there is over 17 then i tottally suggest this game. But for now i must go and retreat to my royal chambers. I'm tired. G'night!


Meg said...

excuse me! I play Halo and I can assure you that it does NOT make me feel more "manly"... :P

It totally rocks. Micah was here this past weekend and I kicked his butt and both my brothers too. I rock. Do you have Xbox live? I want to get it, that way I can kick your butt too. :P


William said...

Chris my friend. We knew each other a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...So happy I came across your blog. Now on to important issues - HALO. Just so you know, there is a whole group of Salvationist that play HALO 2 each night on Xbox Live - Officers and Soldiers. If and when you connect to xbox live look me up. My call sign is Communion. I'll connect you to the rest of the brotherhood, although my sister plays often. Since you're an Xboxer you'll have to check out my web site at Filter through to pictures of our Xbox gaming room. I think you'll like it. Hope to see you soon. Billy Francis.