Sunday, January 24, 2016

Back to the Grindstone

Fun fact, I spent about 8 hours at work today. You know how some people don't work on weekends? Yeah, I'm going to complain about that forever.

Anyway, today was another average Sunday. I picked up a pile of cantankerous adults, then went right back out for a pile of fussy children. Then I taught 2 Sunday school classes. Then I sat in my office and watched coverage of the Star City Games Open Magic tournament while I was on building watching duty. Then I came home. So much excitement in my life right now, right?

Tomorrow is Monday and the day we're restarting out youth programs. I'm apprehensive because some of our leaders are out of commission for medical stuff for a while meaning I'm doing all the pick ups single handed. Should be interesting, right?

Dang, I feel bad that I don't really have anything to blog about. I want to do this well. I want to be a writer again. It just doesn't seem to be happening. Oh well. At least I've stuck it out this far. One more week to go. Hopefully you'll check back throughout the week for the rest of my daily blog post challenge. See you later.

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