Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Marriage Changes Things

This isn't the post I had planned to post tonight. I have a much longer half written post saved in my drafts. Tonight I had Gamechat and had a really good discussion of Life is Strange chapter 3. Afterward I relaxed a little before settling in and beginning work on my blog post. Then Jenny came home.

Jenny normally doesn't get home from work on Tuesdays until after 10pm and is usually wiped out. Tonight she was especially tired after an exceptionally long day. So I left my blog post and focused on my wife.

I've been married about three and a half years now. I'm getting really good at it. I love being married, and I love my wife very much. That said, I feel that I'm very much still in the process of figuring this whole marriage thing out. I'm still learning how to try to balance everything. Right now the only thing I know is that when my wife needs me I make her my #1 priority.

There's not a conclusive thought or point to this post, this is just what I'm thinking right now. I'm pretty tired myself now so I'm off to bed. Fare thee well my friends, I will see you tomorrow.

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