Thursday, January 14, 2016

Looking Forward to the Weekend

Remember this? Remember how much we all played this song?
So, it's not Friday yet. Technically. I mean, it's Friday in many other time zones, just not mine yet. But I'm extremely excited for Friday, so I guess you could say it is already Friday in my heart. Why am I excited for Friday, you ask? Well let me tell you.

Tomorrow (technically midnight Saturday) is the Oath of the Gatewatch Prerelease. That's a Magic: The Gathering thing. Magic comes out with an expansion of new cards about every three months. This means that not only do we get new cards to play with every three months, we also get to have a big party about it every three months! That's what a prerelease is. The set doesn't release until next Friday, but we're going to get a chance to play with all the cards a week early and have a great time celebrating with each other starting at midnight. So, right now I'm just over 25 hours away from having a bunch of fun with my geek friends. I am so excited.

So, this write-every-day thing has now been going for 2 weeks. That's a whole lot of writing. According to blogger I am getting some views, but I'm not sure what exactly that means. Chances are it's just my mom and some people randomly misclicking. Meh, I don't mind that much. I'm blogging again for me. I feel a lot more...fluid? Does that make sense? That's not the right word. But since I've started writing again I feel less rigid, both mentally and emotionally. I don't quite know how to express it, but I'll just say that it's been really good for me and leave it at that.

What do you have planned this weekend? Is it anything as exciting as what I'll be doing? Let me know. Also, check back tomorrow. I'll be writing my post from the game store while waiting for midnight so it should be pretty good.

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