Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Sometimes Life's Okay

 The song I feel best describes today is probably "Float On" by Modest Mouse. If I were you I'd play the video so you can have a nice little soundtrack for this post. This is now a multimedia experience. Fancy.

So, today we resumed our regular youth programming minus a handful of our core volunteers. I was nervous about it and not sure how it would go. Well (spoiler alert) it went alright. Not great, not bad. Alright. That's good enough for me.

Things started out stressful. I'm doing all the pickups myself now, which makes things a bit more stressful. I like to plan things with the precision of a military strike force. The problem is that kids are kind of the opposite of that. As are their parents. I was delayed 25 minutes because one mother was mad at her children for some reason. I don't know the reason because I don't speak Portuguese. She yelled at them in Portuguese. For 25 minutes. Then I was delayed even further when I went to another stop and that mother hadn't even gotten her kids from school yet. I was super late already. At this point I was just a ball of plan-obsessed stress. I just had to sit back, take a deep breath, and let it go.

All in all I made it back with my last batch of kids at 4:35, 35 full minutes after my programs were supposed to start. But then everything was just alright. The kids weren't particularly well behaved, but no one broke anything either, so all in all a win. Also, one of them drew a picture of me. This what I look like to the children I work with.

So, that was my day. After dropping all the kids off I went to the grocery store. It was exceptionally uneventful. Now I'm home. I spent much of my post-work evening playing Life is Strange in preparation for Gamechat tomorrow. The game is still good. You should still go check it out.

So, about this whole blogging thing: I need to write about my piles of insecurity about writing and life. I'm supposed to be more vulnerable. That's like the whole point of blogging right. I'm intimidated by teenage Chris, and I feel that I've let down college Chris. That's some thoughts that deserve their own post. Will that post be written tomorrow? Will it be written ever? Will it be written in 10 years? Only one way to find out: check this blog every day for the next 10 years. You've been challenged. Step to it, bro. See you later.

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